How to keep your home in top condition easily?


If you organize general cleaning once or twice a month, all the remaining time you will only have to maintain cleanliness in your home.

Any cleaning starts with an audit: impartially evaluate which things you still need and which ones are useless. Ruthlessly get rid of clothes that you don’t wear, from books or old magazines that you will never read again. Do not spare souvenirs or little things that you do not like or gather dust in boxes. Valuable items do not have to be thrown away: they can be donated or given to friends, neighbors, as well as exchanged for specialized items using specialized sites. Having got rid of excess rubbish, you will notice that it is easier to breathe in the house and rooms have become more spacious. But the main thing is that the front of work has significantly decreased, because the more free space and empty surfaces, the easier it is to clean.

It is optional and even undesirable to do a general cleaning in one day. Break the work into stages, trying to meet several days, and alternate complex and time-consuming procedures with simple ones, for example, washing the refrigerator or windows, disassemble the first-aid kit or sort photos.

Day 1 – Take care for the kitchen

Set the refrigerator to defrost. Sweep dust and cobwebs from the walls and from the ceiling. Unload shelves and cabinets, wipe them with a disinfectant. Do not forget about doors and surfaces from above. Check all cans with loose ones: for food moths have not started up in them.

Then clean the stove, oven and microwave. Pay attention to the walls around the stove and the walls of the stove itself: treat contaminated areas with grease removers: leave them for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Treat the bin with the bactericidal agent and the area around it.

Clean the sink without forgetting the drain. Vacuum and wash the windowsill and batteries and wash the refrigerator. Next, wipe the skirting boards, sweep and mop the floor.

Before you start cleaning the kitchen, do the dishes. Plaque from pots, pans and other large items should be removed using special tools.

If you don’t have a dishwasher, porcelain and earthenware can also be processed using special tools, or you can boil in the old fashioned way in a large pot or bucket of soda: why do you need to breathe chemistry again?

Day 2 – It is time for bedroom cleaning

First of all, check the cleanliness of the walls and ceiling, if necessary, clean them. Next, vacuum or knock out the mattress and pillows – in them, as well as in carpets and heavy curtains, most dust accumulates.

Then go in for cabinets: remove and remove the contents, wipe all shelves and drawers. Make sure that the items you need at this time of the year are located in the departments closest to you.

Wipe the window sills, lighting and furniture. Do not forget about the frames of paintings and photographs. You can process small items one at a time, or you can fold them into a large basin and place under a stream of water in the bathroom.

Vacuum and wash the baseboards and floor at the very end, and several times a year it is advisable to carry out this procedure with disinfectants.

Take care for the carpet in the bedroom. It gives the room warmth and coziness but also accumulates a great amount of dust. If you do not have time for carpet cleaning or do not know how to approach the problem, you’d better contact professional cleaning company. There are hundreds of expert cleaning companies throughout London, but if you do not want to waste your time in comparing different companies, you should listen to our advice and contact ProLux Carpet Cleaning immediately! This company will exceed all your expectations! Moreover, it provides eco-friendly cleaning procedures at affordable prices!

Day 3 – Living room clean up

Vacuum upholstered furniture, wash removable covers. Then take care of the carpets: they should be cleaned on both sides, and even better, should be knocked out in the fresh air. Synthetic specimens can be treated with a washing vacuum cleaner or even washed in a sufficiently capacious washing machine. You can again use ProLux Cleaning services for bringing your carpets back to top condition!

Then wipe off dust from all surfaces. Several times a year, completely empty the bookcases and shelves, not only to clean them, but also to ventilate the books. Polish wood pieces of furniture. Take care of the cleanliness of indoor plants: thoroughly wipe large leaves from dust, and send flowers with small leaves to the shower.

Finish cleaning with a floor cleaner. If it is parquet, use a slightly damp rag, and after it dries, rub it with special means.

Photo by The Honest Company on Unsplash