How to choose the best car hire service for business trips

Car hire

Before you head out on the road for a business trip, you had better plan out the details.

Your company will likely have booked a hotel, but you’ll want to hire a car for the journey. Taking your own vehicle would put unwanted miles of wear and tear on it. However, picking the appropriate hiring service may present a few questions of its own. How exactly do you pick the best car hire service? To answer your questions, we’ve made this little primer to help you get started.

Determine What You Need

If you’re hiring a car for a business trip, first consider what type of vehicle you need. You are going as a representative of your company, so you want to arrive in something with a modicum of respect. Don’t opt for a company that specializes in off roading vehicles or moving vans. Also, consider if you will be driving solo or with a co-worker. The number of people you plan to travel with will determine the size of the vehicle you need. Overall, you want to pick a car hire service with a wide range of options.

Find the Simplest Option

If you’re hiring a car for business, you may not have time to go down to the shop and process through a full quote. Time is of the essence because you have so many other considerations to make—a presentation to prepare, appropriate clothes to pack, a list of expected expenses. Fortunately, with some car services, you may be able to simply call the office and order a car. Or, if you can find a car hire service with options to receive a quote or hire a car online, this too can save you much needed time.

Consider the Terms & Conditions

While you might not be a legal expert, it’s still wise to consider the terms and conditions of a hiring a car. By signing your name, you take responsibility of the vehicle until it is returned to the company. Be wary of overly strict terms and conditions, otherwise you may end up having to go through extra steps such as having the car cleaned before returning it. We also highly recommend that you pay the extra dollar for renter’s insurance. Though you don’t expect to need it, accidents can and do happen. Having the security of a good insurance plan will keep you safe in a worst-case scenario.

Pick a Price Range

If you’re hiring a car for a business trip, you may be able to have it expensed by your company. However, if the cost will come out of your own pocket, you may not want to splurge on a hired car. Consider which hiring services offer the best quality vehicles and the best terms of service at the best price. There’s no need to go through the most expensive hiring service when you can get the exact same service for half the price. Ask around a pick the service that best suits your financial situation.

Who Do We Recommend?

If you want a car hire that offers both top notch service and a reasonable price, we recommend that your look into Zippy Rentals. They can offer a wide range of sedans, trucks, vans, and more from as low as $36 a day. With their easy-to-use online options, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to receive a quote or hire car. And with locations across the region, you won’t have to worry about traveling too far to pick up or return your hire. Give them a call today!