How much to make a casino app in 2021?

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The gambling industry seems promising as it generates big money. However, because the industry is profitable, it is not free from competition and regulations.

Opening an online casino is very profitable and, at the same time, an expensive project. Various formalities like licensing, creating a website, software, content of the game, etc., payment services, advertising, etc., are required for opening an online casino app. It becomes important for the users to choose trustworthy sites that offer goldfish casino slot game multiple options of free spins and reels with authentic license and data privacy.

Factors adding to the cost of opening an online casino application

Following are the factors that somehow regulate or influence the cost of development of an online casino:

  1. Registration of a legal entity: First and foremost, a legal entity is required to open an online casino application. Without a legal entity, the creator of the app won’t be able to open the specified bank account or obtain a license and enter into legal agreements.
  2. Specialist Services: An online application requires technical support, and often, the app’s creator might be unknown to such tech-savvy information. So, specialists are hired to offer their services in the technical development of the online casino app. This will add to the total cost of the online casino application.
  3. Purchase of Gaming Software: Software is the key element for the success of online casino applications as the app’s development directly depends upon the functionality of the gaming software. The gaming platform must have a stylish and expensive design. The website must be credible for new customers. Generally, a gambling platform like an online casino requires three classes of programs:
  4. Game Platform:The game platform is designed to manage and administer user accounts and check the resources. This is the fundamental element of the app. Prices of such software are usually very high. Microgaming, Real-Time, Cryptologic, etc., are amongst the popular gaming platforms. You can see the list of slot fames on Gclub.
  5. Game Content: The game content will include various slots, games, lotteries, etc., that are launched at the player’s request. Usually, these slot machines are sold along with the software only.
  6. Payment Mechanisms: These will include the programs for transactions between the players and the casinos.

Instead of purchasing the gaming software, a creator is free to create one’s solution from scratch by hiring developers to outsource. This approach is better for control and copyright but costs a hefty amount.

  1. License Fee: A license is required to conduct an online gambling business to give the rights of hosting the servers of the online casino to the creator in the country that issued the license. A local license is required to conduct internet gambling.
  2. Web Hosting Cost: A website needs to be created to allow access to the application on web servers. For this, a hosting provider will allocate space on a web server for such a website to store its files, etc. This is called hosting of the website and requires the application to pick a hosting for your app and pay a certain cost for hosting the website.
  3. Promotion of the App: After creating the online casino application, it is required that such knowledge of creation reaches the masses, and for this, the app needs to be marketed accordingly. For this, certain advertising cost has to be incurred, which will add to the total cost of developing the online casino application.


The online Casino business is profitable and, at the same time, highly competitive. Various factors add to the cost of opening an online casino application like license fee, hosting cost, promotion cost, cost of gaming software, etc. Generally, the estimate for developing a casino game requires $25K to $120K and a period minimum of almost three months but the budget varies depending upon numerous factors. One can use cost calculator apps of different sites to determine the approximate cost required for building a casino app, depending upon the app’s scale. The level of UI and protection coverage.

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