How investors benefit from the digital transformation of wealth management

Wealth Management

Tech-savvy millennials and now more than ever their older counterparts demand access to cutting edge technology that makes their lives easier.

Some industries certainly come to mind, especially online shopping that promises one-day delivery or less, streaming video with immediate access to thousands of movies and TV shows, and online food delivery.

But one industry that has made major strides over the years to embrace the digital revolution is the wealth management industry.

The Market For Digital Wealth Management

Wealth and asset managers initially pushed back against a digital transformation because many felt a personal relationship with their clients is paramount to their financial success. Advising hard-working folks on how to manage their retirement fund was viewed as something that just shouldn’t be done online.

For some, this is still the norm and is unlikely to ever change. But the number of people who want digital wealth management solutions is growing by the day. The global COVID-19 pandemic may have accelerated the shift towards digital as consumers are unable or unwilling to meet a financial advisor face-to-face at a time when professional investment advice is needed the most.

Digital wealth management providers like are able to address the growing market of people looking for access to professionally managed investment products that are otherwise hidden or unavailable from the public.

What Is is a powerful online fully digital platform available through a web browser or an app. The Cayman Islands-based company hires licensed mutual fund managers to maintain all of the necessary regulatory rules. Backed by a management team with more than 200 years of combined experience in asset management, leverages its focus on technology innovation with a human touch to develop multiple investment options tailored for different investment objectives.

The in-house experts and analysts make use of highly advanced research techniques to oversee all assets in each investment product to maximize performance. A 100% digital focus allows’s managers to move faster and more efficiently compared to its outdated wealth management peers.

How To Get Started With

The completely digital application process to become an client can be completed in minutes so prospective investors can start seeing their money grow within a day. The minimum investment for access to any fund is just 1,000 euros.

One of the funds is the “Extra High Yield Portfolio” that offers monthly interest payments. The fund focuses exclusively on high volatile investment opportunities that are under-rated, under-valued, and under-researched.

Investors may also be interested in the “Sustainable Growth” portfolio. The fund has a long-term objective of maximizing return through investments in next-generation technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics, cloud technologies, biometrics, cybersecurity, and more.

Fund managers have a keen eye on identifying future market trends to generate sustainable growth. The fund’s total return since inception in late 2018 is 93.84% and the best monthly return was 9.71%

Investment opportunities are sourced worldwide. As an example, the “Sustainable Growth” portfolio is allocated by currency (as of June 30, 2020) as follows: the U.S. dollar at 39.7%, euro at 31.1%, British pound at 13.2%, Chinese yuan at 7.3%, the Australian dollar at 7.3%, and the Japanese yen at 5.1%.

The fee structure for all funds is upfront and straightforward so there will be no unpleasant hidden costs. There are no subscription, management, and ongoing fees for any client with an account balance of less than 4,999 euros. The 25% performance fee is charged from the amount of positive return generated by’s portfolio managers. There is also a 2.99% redemption fee.

As one would expect, the performance fee is reduced based on account size and falls to 17.5% on accounts with a balance of more than 25,000 euros.

One of the additional value-added services made available to some clients is an “e-concierge service.” These clients can take advantage of discounted rates on deals in leading hotels, high-end restaurants, and much more.

Conclusion: Trust The Digital Experts

Money is hard enough to earn but managing it to grow over the decades is even harder. Thankfully, consumers can embrace technological innovations over the years so they have access to leading money managers through an easy to use app on a smartphone.