Here’s why you need to sell your old car today

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The root of suffering is attachment’

Well said? Yes. This isn’t a philosophy lecture, but we need to understand this statement in order to understand what is wrong with keeping an old car for too long.

Your old car can be the cause of a plethora of problems in your life ranging from a drop in your savings account balance to a drop in your health. Let’s look at a few possible signals that your car is giving you to tell you that it’s dying? How are you going to know the exact moment when you should stop dragging your car around?

How are you going to know when to sell your old car?

  1. Fuel costs you more than your rent

Your fuel efficiency tends to go become lower when your car gets older. If your vehicle has been consuming much more fuel than it used to and you’re getting sick of getting a refill every now and then, it’s probably time to get an inspection. But if you drive a little more than 15000kms every year, it’s time for you to get rid of that car and make space for a new one soon.

  1. There’s a certain way to open the door or it won’t open

Your car is a mess in certain ways. The window only opens when you stab the door, or you’ve put a chai instead of the driver’s seat? Basically, if something isn’t working at all or you need to put in immense effort to make it work, it’s just going to give you stress. If you happen to meet with an accident and your door doesn’t open on time, you might have to face worse consequences. Don’t risk your safety for a car, even if it’s been your buddy since college.

  1. You’ve become friends with your mechanic

If your car needs to get fixed once in every few weeks, or if you’ve become pals with your car mechanic because of the number of times you keep going back, it’s time to pull the plug. You’re probably paying more for your repairs than you would have paid for a new car’s maintenance. That doesn’t make sense at all!

  1. It’s become more of an antique

Your car isn’t being manufactured anymore, so the parts to replace your car’s old and broken parts aren’t available anymore, either. Your car is starting to become one of the rare models left in the country and you’re planning to turn it into a classic. The only issue while maintaining a really old car is that you really have to invest time, money and effort in doing it. Most of us don’t have the time, money or passion to put in the effort for the same. It’s best to get rid of your car in such circumstances.

Sell your old car in Brisbane within 24 hours

Now that you’ve checked all of the boxes above, you know its time to sell your old car. Even though it isn’t exactly easy to get rid of an old, unwanted car in Brisbane, we have a few options that will make it easy.

One of the most popular choices for car owners is to sell their car to a car wrecker in Brisbane. If your car is beyond repair and you are convinced that it would-be no-good no anyone, you can get a free car removal service in Brisbane to remove your car within 24 hours.

Luckily, Swift Cash for Cars in Brisbane is a car wrecker and a car removal company that also deals in scrap metal. They use junk cars for scrap metal recycling and then proceed to sell the scrap metal for profit. Being Brisbane’s No.1 car wreckers, they also dismantle cars and sell the used car parts. You can get in touch with them online or via phone call for a free service for car removal in Brisbane