4 money-saving tips while touring England

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Are you planning to visit the UK for your next vacation? If yes, make sure you save up enough money because it is one of the most expensive places in the world.

The transport costs, in particular, may catch you off-guard. If you are working on a tight budget, these tips should help you save a lot on transportation:

1.    Book flight tickets early

Flight tickets to the UK will cost you a fortune. That’s why it is best to plan your trip as early as possible. You can save hundreds on air tickets if you book them months before the trip. Also, a round trip can earn you a discounted offer. So, make sure you compare the prices of different airlines before getting the tickets.

2.    Buy a BritRail pass if you want to commute via trains

Riding in the UK trains is pure bliss. The newly plowed fields, grazing sheep, bright green hills, tiny villages – everything is so beautiful and pleasing that the price of the tickets often goes unnoticed. But as a tourist, you should always get a BritRail pass if you want to commute from one city to another by train. It is easier and faster to travel by train compared to local transport. The best part about the BritRail pass is that it is valid for unlimited travel during a specified period. If you want to enjoy the scenic countryside beauty and save a few bucks in the process, train commute should be your first choice.

3.    Hire cars instead of cabs

Car hire is another easy way to travel cheap, especially when you are in London. You get plenty of first-time offers from car rental companies that will help you keep more money in your pocket. Moreover, there are great cars in London such as BMWs and Bentleys that will add a touch of luxury to your trip. There’s no need to wait and hire a taxi when you can travel faster and cheaper with car hire services.

4.    Use the local bus

If you are prepared to compromise on the time needed to reach your destination, local bus travel will be a cheaper way to travel throughout the UK. You can also get a weekly pass to commute using the local bus, but it takes longer than cabs or trains to reach your destination. There are a bunch of companies providing bus tickets at cheap rates. Compare the fares before booking a travel ticket.

Apart from traveling cheap, there are other ways to save money while touring the UK. Start by getting discount passes for different tourist attractions. There are many discounts passes for foreign tourists that offer unlimited entry to numerous tourist spots and landmarks in the UK.

Accommodation is another expense you need to keep a tab on. Try not to pre-book hotels as they tend to cost more. Many hotels in the UK come with all the necessary amenities, and they hardly cost a £100 per night. Most locals suggest checking into hotels after arriving in the country to avoid additional costs while booking via agents.