Hatton garden jewellers Ovadia Jewellery celebrate 4 years selling loose diamonds & wedding rings

Based in the heart of London’s famous Jewellery Quarter, featured in heists, films and many engaged couple’s lives, you will find Ovadia Jewelley, your specialist Hatton Garden jewellers for diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings and designer diamond jewellery.

The jewellery shop is honoured to celebrate its 4thanniversary in the historic district of Hatton Garden, which has been London’s center for jewellery trade since the Medieval period. Here, particular crafts and industries would come together, and wealthy merchants and businesses set foot to sell quality and reputable jewellery pieces.

Today, there are over seventy jewellery shops and nearly three-hundred jewellery businesses represented in Hatton Garden, making it the largest jewellery quarter in the UK with expert craftsmanship and a vast selection of the best and most unique in British bling. And Ovadia are proud to be amongst them.

What Ovadia celebrate this anniversary

The family run jewellery business has been one of the top jewellery shops in Hatton Garden for 4 years and it continues to grow.

Theirestablished Ovadia Jewellery British-made collections, featuring solid 18 carat gold and platinum designs and holding precious and semi-precious gemstones are representative of what you can expect to get when you shop here.

Each of their unique pieces of jewellery are individually produced with meticulous craftsmanship right here at their Hatton Garden shop. They source their premium diamonds from conflict-free and ethically approved suppliers, who inspect each of them to ensure they meet their high standards that entail factors such as cut, color, clarity and carat. The GIA certified diamonds that are chosen are used to create impeccable handcraft pieces such as earrings, bracelets, pendants and many more.

However, Ovadia’s fine selection of stylish wedding rings, engagement rings and eternity rings, is their pride because over the years of running their business they have encountered many engaged couples looking for the perfect jewellery piece to reflect their deep passion and devotion for each other. They didn’t shy away from the challenge of creating a memorable piece of treasure for the most important day in people’s lives, which has led them to become a trusted and popular one-stop-shop for the most versatile, sophisticated, and timeless wedding jewellery collections.

Ovadia thank every mixed and same sex couple that has believed in their ability to produce their ideal engagement or wedding ring and jewellery piece and express their deepest appreciation for the trust.


What is special about Ovadia’s engagement and wedding rings?

Ovadia offer a wide selection of plain wedding bands, eternity rings and loose diamonds for bespoke jewellery you can turn into your very own artwork. Their customers know that choosing an engagement or wedding ring or any diamond jewellery can be challenging and their friendly team of diamond experts offer advice with size guides, measurement, different styles, gemstones and materials to choose from for the ideal result.

Best bespoke designs

Being specialists in helping you design your own engagement ring or wedding ring, their team of experienced jewellery designers craft the finest diamond rings for engagements with a personal touch like engraving your message or symbol of love. Various design options for every taste are available and to help you visualize your bespoke rings they have beautiful 3D sketchbooks displaying all designs for inspiration.

Extensive selection of loose diamonds

To give your engagement or wedding rings the look and feel of true luxury, Ovadia has a variety of precious loose diamonds which vary in size, color and clarity to suit your taste. Their beautiful and dazzling diamonds cut by their skilled master craftsmen can add that WOW factor, making your rings truly unique as no two diamonds are ever the same. You choose the style and look of your gemstones and Ovadia’s expert craftsmen turn them into the masterpiece you have envisioned. This is how they have built a reputation as “The Masters of Loose Diamonds” and on their website you can see why their customers choose them.

High-quality metals

Now, a stunning diamond should be placed in a complimentary material of high quality for long-lasting, or rather endless durability – just like your love. Therefore, Ovadia offer precious metals like

Affordable Yellow Gold– 70-75% pure gold that is layered up with alloys helps you get the luxury look without draining your savings too much.

ClassicPlatinum – the most durable metal for the sophisticated look.

Lightweight Titanium– the hypoallergenic and corrosion resistant grey metal is popular among practical couples with a contemporary taste.

Elegant Rose Gold– it’s the preferred metal choice mainly for women as it offers a luxurious and feminine feel and look.

Durable Palladium– this modern metal has gained popularity among younger couples as it’s perfect to withstand the rigours of everyday life.

LGBTQ+ community celebration

The celebration of love from one person to another should not encounter any discrimination in Ovadia’s view, but be open and accessible to any individual, no matter their background, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation. At Ovadia Jewellery you can rest assured that they treat all their customers with the same respect and appreciation as they only care about one thing: making your piece of jewellery as special as your love for each other. If you’re a gay or same sex couple intending to tie the knot, Ovadia have a selection of LGBTQ+ jewellery designs available.

Creative wedding gift ideas

But it doesn’t stop there. Additionally, Ovadia offer diamond earrings, diamond necklaces and bracelets to complete your diamond set. Mix and match the perfect combination of diamond jewellery for your and your partner’s special day with this Hatton Garden jewellery expert and your wedding guests will be blinded by your glow.

Want to celebrate with Ovadia? Come and see their Ovadia jewellery shop in Hatton Garden, London to learn more about their services, special offers and unique jewellery products. Help them mark 4 years of individually crafted wedding jewellery and be inspired. They look forward to meeting you!