Cleaning service vs. private housekeepers


When it comes to figuring out the best way to keep your living accommodations clean and you have already decided that you need a third party to do the job, there are several considerations to keep in mind.

You are going to need an option that works with your schedule, fits your budget, and most importantly has your trust. There are pros and cons to the various house cleaning solutions on the market, but the key is to hunker down and do your research before making a rash decision to secure the services of a company or individual that you may ultimately regret down the road.

The house cleaning  business has grown significantly in recent years which has both positive and negative consequences. The good news is that there are great services out there. The expansion in the marketplace has forced companies to offer competitive prices and excellent customer service.

The darker side of this phenomenon is that many lower quality services may look to cash in on what they feel is an unsaturated market that is ripe for the picking, and the sheer number of options makes your decision quite a bit trickier to nail down.

Essentially, housekeeping services can be provided by companies or individuals. Although the end result may be the same, it is important to understand the differences.


Payment for services can vary drastically depending on the option you choose. If you use either a cleaning service or an individual on an ad hoc basis, the billing will likely be similar.

In this instance, the individual would function more like a private contractor and be responsible for tracking their own business expenses and revenue, as well as related taxes and insurance just as the cleaning services would.

The toughest role you have to play is opening your wallet, but the reward of a tidy abode is definitely an incentive.

However, if you feel that you need the services of a full-time house-keeper, that could turn you into an employer. This arrangement introduces an entirely new set of tax and liability considerations that you will need to take into account. However, that is often a welcome trade-off for busy families who may need help beyond regular housekeeping duties, like errands or house-sitting.


It will be more difficult to do your research on private housekeepers as opposed to cleaning services. Companies make it easy for you to look up reviews and recommendations, whereas private maids rely on word-of-mouth or references. How you proceed depends on your comfort level.

Some people live by the internet, while others solely rely on the endorsements of others that they trust implicitly.

Cleaning services manage the risk to their customers upfront. They work to ensure their employees have background checks and are trained professionals since they are the face of organization, representing the brand. Companies like Maid2Match Perth and services like apartment cleaning Chicago strive to offer high-quality services that delight their customers. At the end of the day, this combination of hardworking and trustworthy house cleaning specialists are an added bonus for those who seek a well-kept home and peace of mind.