Great ways to update your small business this 2019

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Starting a new year can be fun and exciting as most people set themselves to do and accomplish what they were not able to in the previous years.

In the world of business, what you do in the first months of the New Year is likely to set the stage for a successful and lucrative year for your business. This is also the time to upgrade your business by carefully executing your plan and strategy.

This way, you can turn your dream into a reality and see your small business turn into a successful venture. In this article, we will focus on some effective ways to upgrade your business in 2019.

Plan Effectively and Map Out Your Goals

If you have a business idea in mind, the first step is to just get started. It is true that every journey begins with a single step, and before long, you may find that your small business has developed into a successful enterprise. Once you get started, it is important to clearly map out your goals for 2019 and your plans on how to achieve them. Doing this gives you insight on what you will be working towards for the whole year.

You also need to plan how you will get the word out about your new business venture so as to increase your customers and sales. Word of mouth from friends and family and existing customers is a good way to market your business. You can also make use of the various marketing tools available such as social media platforms, chat windows and embedded videos. Good planning will definitely see your business to the road of success in 2019.

Build Your Business Credibility

Unlike big brands, it can be quite difficult for small businesses to build their trust and credibility. For this reason, you need to establish ways that will help you gain the trust of existing customers and reassure them about your brand.

There are many ways to improve customer experience and build loyalty with customers. For instance, you can create strong relationships with your customers by holding an annual customer conference. Also, like your large competitors, use simple yet professional looking invoices and make use of email to assist and communicate with existing and prospective clients.

Understand and Keep Up with Trends that are Likely to Affect Your Business

With technology evolving each year, it is no secret that the business world faces a lot of change. In 2019, there are a number of trends that are likely to impact your business. This is especially true for the social media landscape which plays a major role in the growth of any business. You should, therefore, keep up with these trends as a way of upgrading your business. For instance, identify the latest content marketing trends in 2019 that affect customers and other businesses.

Be Ready to Adapt Social Media Change

Once you have identified the upcoming social media trends, make sure you apply them in order to get your business ready for 2019. As a business owner, you should be ready and willing to respond to the changes in the digital world and adapt to the trends. This is a good way to maximize your competitive advantage and face difficulty with ease.

Learn to Approach Analytics Differently

Analytics comes in handy when you want to measure the success of content marketing. You should, therefore, widen your analytics scope so that you can acquire relevant information. For instance, the search ranking system in analytics helps measure vast online content and organize it by rankings. If your approach to analytics for the past years has been outdated, 2019 is probably the best year to update it.

Keep Up with Landing Page Design Trends

Just as it is vital to update your site’s content, it is also important to update your landing pages with the latest design trends. Customers are likely to view your company as old-fashioned if your landing pages are not updated. You, therefore, need to research and analyze which trends are outdated and those that are trending to make an impressive impression for your business in 2019. What’s more, your conversion rate is likely to increase when users are impressed by your design choice.

Learn the Key Google Analytic Terms

Google analytics is basically an analytic tool that offers information on how to improve your online presence. It tells you when your keywords need to update the pages that need improvement so as to rank high in search engines and many more.

It, however, comes with numerous key terms that may be difficult to understand especially if you are new to the world of analytics. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the Google analytic terms so as to get the actionable data that you need to increase sales, web traffic and sign-ups.

Keep Updated with the Latest PPC Changes

The world of PPC marketing is effective in helping businesses target relevant customers. Keeping an eye on the latest PPC trends will make it possible for your ads to have a great impact. Some of the hottest trends you need to look out for in 2019 include automation, audiences, account management, remarketing, brand building, videos, extension and features.

Protect Your Trademarks on Social Media

While trademarks mostly apply in the traditional marketing world, they also apply in the world of social media. And just like you would protect your trademark from infringement by competitors in the traditional marketing world, you also need to protect it on social media. Trademark infringements on social media can happen when someone copies your logo, uses your content or mimics the look, feel or design of your trademark.

In order for your followers to identify your brand, you should ensure that your social media accounts are verified. Another way to handle a trademark infringement is by reporting violations. If you spot that your content is being used by someone else, you need to file a takedown notice.

Be Engaged to Your Business

Another step to upgrade your business in 2019 is by becoming your own boss and be profitably self-employed. Entrepreneurship comes with a lot of benefits and freedom. You just need to know how you can become gainfully and happily self-employed. For instance, develop marketing strategies that will increase your traffic and customers, network with other successful businesses and know how to strengthen your skills.

Another effective strategy is fully committing to your business by establishing an appropriate workspace especially if you are working from home. Also, consider developing a regime and see to it that you work for actual office hours.


By following the above steps to upgrade your business, you will be running your business in 2019 instead of the other way round. If you are looking to venture into a new business, this is the time to establish a growth plan to help you get your business to where you want it to be.

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