6 reasons to hire a detail-oriented website developer who knows SEO

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You wouldn’t choose a random software developer to create custom applications for your business – you’d take the time to evaluate their expertise and make sure they have the required experience. The same process is necessary to vet your website developer.

All developers on your team should be detail-oriented, and your website developer should also know SEO. Here’s why:

Your published pages will be flawless

A detail-oriented website developer will constantly proof their work, going over every line of copy and code with a fine-toothed comb until it’s perfect. They’ll perfect your typography one line-and-letter-space at a time.

They’ll correct typos and optimize images. They’ll know the difference between apostrophes and foot marks; quotation marks and inch marks; en dashes and em dashes. They’ll use HTML for punctuation to make sure those differences are visible, even if only a few of your visitors notice. They’ll notice if a web form isn’t fully functional, and they’ll fix it before going live.

They may not catch everything on the first pass, but they’ll always be looking, and no flaw will slip by on their watch.

Your pages will be set up to maximize your appearance in search results

A website developer who knows SEO can’t help but prepare each page for being found in search results. If your content needs a boost, they’ll tell you how you can improve it to get your page to rank better in the search engines. They’ll design each page with SEO in mind: headings and subheadings will be wrapped in heading tags; images will have descriptive alt tags; they’ll suggest putting targeted keywords in your titles and URLs; and they’ll suggest adding a few internal links to each page.

A website developer with SEO experience will stay up-to-date with changes in Google’s algorithm and ranking signals. They’ll also have the experience necessary to warn you against jumping on the latest SEO trends. For instance, years ago, a rumor spread that tweaking the metadata in image files could improve search ranking. Experienced SEOs knew this wasn’t true, but the world didn’t believe it until Google announced metadata in pictures (EXIF data) doesn’t affect SEO.

Your pages will be set up to maximize your conversions

SEO knowledge arms website developers with the tools necessary to create your website as a marketing asset rather than an interactive business card. They’ll structure your page elements properly to maximize conversion based on the content.

When a page features a video, they’ll place it prominently in the center of the page with an enticing thumbnail that makes people want to push play. When a page is a sales letter accessible only from a PPC marketing campaign, they’ll design the page to maintain continuity between the page and the ad.

They won’t waste their time (and your money) on details that don’t matter

Some details will make or break your site. Other details won’t. A detail-oriented website developer won’t waste their time on the details that don’t matter.

For instance, while color is important, it’s a waste of time to run extensive A/B testing on your newsletter signup button in twelve different tints of blue. If you ask your developer to provide you with twelve different versions of the same button, they’re going to tell you why it will be a waste of time and money. Instead, they’ll direct you to studies that have been done on the psychology of color of call-to-action (CTA) buttons so you can make an informed decision instead of reinventing the wheel.

They won’t let you commit the cardinal sins of web design

Clients frequently request design elements that would work contrary to their intentions. A detail-oriented developer will talk you off the ledge so you don’t crash and burn. They’ll tell you straight up about any bad design ideas you toss at them, and they’ll provide alternatives.

They’ll explain what you don’t understand

A detail-oriented website developer with SEO expertise will explain anything you don’t understand. They won’t tell you to just take their word for it. If you’ve got questions, they’ll have answers. They’ll even explain the basics of SEO and why it’s necessary. They won’t be afraid to address your concerns, no matter how misinformed you might be.