Free windows and doors for UK homeowners

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Yes, many schemes in the UK can help replace the doors and windows of your home in the UK. Everyone loves their home and like to make it as good as they can.

Windows and Doors are an important part of any building. Getting new windows in your home can help you reduce the heating cost of the house. We are going to discuss some schemes in this article.

Double Glazing Quotes

This scheme is offered by the government. But it is only offered to those homes that are near to major A roads and motorways to reduce noise levels. Funds of 39 million GBP can be used by Highways England to install double glazed windows in over 3000 homes. Moreover, the government is offering bi-fold and patio doors and ventilation units. So that the homes near the major roads do not need to open their windows to ventilate rooms. Without opening windows, you will get less noise from the vehicles in your home. The Highways England will select the homes which come in their Noise important Areas. However, these homes are only 1% of the homes experiencing vehicle noise from roads.

They will replace the windows and doors of the following rooms:

  • Living Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Studies
  • Dining Room

All of the windows and doors are going to be replaces according to their previous fitting. Moreover, they will install ventilation units in the house. So, the homeowners do not need to open their windows for ventilation. Moreover, the supplier provides 25 years warranty for the windows, 15 years for extraction units and vents, 10 years for the seals, and 5 years for the fans.

Are You Eligible?

Whoever is eligible for this offer will receive an offering letter from the highways England. A homeowner will not receive the funds. Instead, the government will send a contractor for the assessment and then pay it directly to complete the work.

H2B Windows Grant Scheme

On the other hand, help 2 buy schemes can help to Buy Windows and Doors for your home. A homeowner can replace its doors and windows with no cost. The main purpose of this scheme is to help homeowners reduce energy bills and improve energy efficiency.

It will provide you with funds so you can install glazed doors and windows. However, this scheme also has eligibility criteria and funding levels.

There are many companies in the UK working with H2B to help the homeowners improve their homes. Some of the homeowners cannot afford this. So, this scheme will help those in need. Moreover, there is no upfront cost for this funding option.

The installation companies will assess your case and the level of funding you need to install new doors and windows for your property. If you are not eligible then H2B will not provide you any funds. Moreover, it is not a lender so it will only introduce you to their Approved installers. It is a great option if you are not eligible for the double-glazing Scheme.

Photo by Landon Martin on Unsplash