For peace of mind: Shift the risk and know the key insurance protections you need


There are lots of things that come your way as you go through the hustle and bustle.

However, leading up to now you must have learnt a crucial lesson which is every day is full of surprises – anything can happen at any time!

There is one thing you can certainly do to these surprises; Shift the Risk!
Different types of Insurance will shift this risk away from yourself, and we have listed them below in a hierarchy of importance ;

Appliance Insurance

This Insurance is for your domestic appliances and general white goods. From the uncertainties of a washing machine that suddenly stops working to a cooker that won’t do your food, home is not a place where you second guess. Research by Prominence Support an appliance insurance company reveals 61% of all surveyed adults will prefer a mechanical or electrical break down of their work tools to their home appliances, attributing this to a more heightened stress level with broken home appliances.

Property Insurance

If you own your home, consider property insurance. Many people like to invest in getting their own home, but this comes with a responsibility to look after it against hazards like fire, earthquake, flood etc. Hence it is essential when you put in so much money in a property you get it protected.

Health Insurance

Medical bills can be humongous and in such cases are a person’s worst nightmare. In ideal cases, you should never get sick, but we are not in an ideal world.  If you do not have a universal payer, consider health insurance to be sure that the medical bills do not get in the way of other important expenditure.

Car Insurance

Cars are fast becoming an everyday accessory for all adult age groups. Cars are often purchased with a loan these days, however, whether you get yours via a loan or you pay in cash be sure to insure it, so your investment is safe. There are various types of liability for an owner; ensure to get a comprehensive cover that protects you from all liabilities, including third party costs.

Personal accidents insurance

It may be worth looking at the above if your job presents such a risk, like if you work with your hands. This may keep you protected until you get back on your feet.

Insurance is a common phenomenon in today’s world, and every smart person will shift some risk or the other. After all, you can’t avoid or block the uncertainties, but you can surely deal with them in a different direction.

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The survey, commissioned by, was of 2000 British male & female individuals ages 18 – 55.