Foolproof tricks to get likes on Instagram fast


Companies know the importance of IG for users and, therefore, they want to be on this social network.

It is a great way to close the gap with the target audience, so finding out how to gain followers on Instagram and get likes on Instagram are your main concerns.

Think that visual content is the one that users like the most, both in image publications and with video stories, which is why this network has become an essential for many brands, influencers, bloggers and other professionals.

Do you also want to improve your brand’s engagement on the Internet? Well today we bring you a series of tricks and apps to have more likes on Instagram. Without cheats!

How to have more likes on Instagram app? 5 tricks to earn likes on Instagram without cheating

You already know that on social networks it does not matter so much the number of followers you have, as the engagement you generate. In other words, a smaller community of followers is better but generates likes and comments. A community that is really interested in your content and that converts your publications into events (and later they will facilitate how to make money with videos on Instagram, if that is your objective).

Although there are many websites that will offer you services to buying Instagram likes, but at Stormlikes we recommend applying more natural and effective elements such as the following:

  • Hashtags: It is one of the most powerful elements to earn likes on Instagram. They help you tag your images for users to find. Therefore, you should investigate which hashtags are used in your sector and which are the most popular to be able to put them in your publications. The platform allows up to 30 to be used, although the ideal is to use between 7 and 11 hashtags.
  • Tags: It is another of the Instagram tools that you need to use and that, however, is not exploited too much. Take advantage of your posts to tag other relevant profiles. For example, you can tag people who have collaborated on your project, colleagues by profession, etc. In this way, you warn them of the publication and they can give you like. Getting likes on Instagram fast is not a magic thing, tag generously but with a head!
  • Hours: there are a multitude of online platforms that will help you know what time it is best to publish to succeed among your online community. Take this information into account and try to publish when your users are active.
  • Description: how to have more likes on Instagram using only the text? Tell stories in the description of the posts that attract users. Use storytelling techniques and appeal to emotions, in this way you will reach the hearts of users.
  • Apps: You can also use apps, another possible answer to how to have many likes on Instagram. We discuss this below.

Although with so much information you may be tempted to buy followers, we do not recommend this type of action, remember: you will be buying likes on Instagram and followers who are not interested in your brand, so they will hardly become customers. For that, advertising is much more recommended: promoting Instagram works, ask us!

The best App to get likes on Instagram fast

As we told you in the previous section, one of the options that you can carry out is to use other applications to get likes on the Instagram app. These are apps that help you in the analysis phase and give you a lot of information quickly.

Giving a couple of data about the type of image you are going to upload and the business category, these apps give you information about the most powerful hashtags, the best hours of publication, the topics that work best, etc. In order to achieve more likes on the Instagram app we have:

  •   AiGrow: This app focuses on hashtags and prepares a list of the most suitable for your publication. You can copy the list to the clipboard and paste it directly to Instagram.
  •   Istlike: with this app you exchange likes with users interested in the same topics.
  • Like4like: it works similarly to the previous app, but it also gives you many tips on how to improve your posts so that they stand out in the “explore” tab.

Easy and Quality likes: Conclusion

Social networks are of vital importance in the marketing strategies of companies and also for bloggers and influencers who want to expand their online community.

Therefore, it is important to take advantage of social profiles and generate engagement, as we have seen in this article on how to get more likes: Instagram has a multitude of possibilities, take advantage of them!