Things to keep in mind before scrapping your car

Scrap cars

If you have a scrap car rotting in your garage, you might be thinking what to do with it. You may think to repair it but that might not be a good option.

Sometimes repairing cost exceeds the car’s own marketing value. At this point, scrapping it is the best solution. This is what most people go for. People sell their vehicles to salvage yards when the vehicle has almost exceeded its stage of usefulness.

Scrapping is the easiest way to deal with your old car and getting rid of it in exchange for a good amount of money. But before doing it, you have to keep in mind certain things to ensure that you don’t face any problems after scrapping your car.

Remove your belongings

At times we forget our valuable belongings in the car. We forget them for weeks or even months. So when you are about to scrap your vehicle, make sure you remove all your personal belongings from it. Search thoroughly in the back trunk too.

Remove valuable parts

Make sure you get the most out of your scrap vehicle. Remove all the parts you think are valuable and sell them individually. This will make you more money. Make sure you remove the battery, starter motors, and entertainment systems. Even the gas tank might be worth some good bucks.

Cancel vehicle’s insurance

You will not need to make any repeated payments before the expiration of policy expires if you cancel your vehicle’s insurance. In case if you had paid the full coverage, you are likely to get a refund. So canceling the vehicle’s insurance is a crucial thing before scrapping the vehicle.

Take off the license plates

Upon the transfer of its title, getting rid of the license plate is a legal requirement. License plates don’t stop being useful when the vehicle is completely out of use. So make sure you remove the license plate before scrapping. Your state’s DMW is definitely going to ask for your title plate when you apply for the cancellation of your vehicle’s title.

Look for the best deals

Different dealers will offer you different deals. Therefore it is essential that you don’t hurry. Look around for the best dealers and then make any decision accordingly. You need to have vast information on the automobile so that you know the market rate of every spare part of your vehicle. Most dealers just want to have your vehicle at the lowest possible price. It is best to get a price for your vehicle from several automobile garages and calculate a mean.

Make sure your dealer is licensed

Scrap car dealers are not allowed to do business in many areas without a license. It is illegal for them to make any deals without having a proper license. Ask for his license number without any hesitation and enquire about it online. This comes in handy when you are preparing to make any valid claim against your dealer if in case he fails to make a full payment.

Do the paperwork

Many dealers don’t buy your car without any legal documentation while some will buy your scrap vehicle without asking for any ownership proof. Having your vehicle title will allow you to transfer ownership to the dealer. In case the vehicle gets stolen from the scrap yard before scrapping, you wouldn’t be involved in any case investigation. Many people get in trouble if the scrap vehicle gets involved in any crime scene. You don’t want to be a part of all this, so make sure you have all the documents in an organized manner.

Certified weight scale

The money you are going to get depends on the weight of your vehicle too. The more weight it has, the more money you are going to pull off. However many automobile yards use faulty weight scales, which result in lower prices of your vehicle. So ensure that the weight scale is certified and faultless.

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