Finding answers after your injury

Injury at work

Nobody wants to get hurt. Being injured is a terrible thing, and not just because of short-term fear and pain.

If you’ve been seriously injured, then you know all too well about the long-term and lingering consequences: The medical bills that keep piling up, the lost wages from missed days of work, and the ongoing trauma of living in pain or with a disability.

These things are tragic under any circumstances, but they can be particularly devastating when they are the result of another party’s negligence. Accidents and injuries have consequences, but those consequences often fall on those who have done nothing wrong. That’s why everyone should know his or her legal rights, explain the pros at the Kim Law Firm, a personal injury law firm based in Orange County, California.

Financial Necessities and Legal Options

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident, you’ll soon find yourself dealing with some harsh financial realities. You’ll have a better chance of avoiding financial disaster if you have great insurance policies, explains one expert insurance agent that specializes in commercial and personal insurance in Hoboken, NJ. But from New York and New Jersey to California, insurance companies have their own priorities.

Getting the best price and the best coverage out of your health insurance will help you handle injury-related expenses, but remember that not every insurance company works for you and you alone. When another party’s car insurance pays out to cover your vehicle’s damage and your injuries, will they offer enough? Will your own insurance company always put your needs first? A typical insurance agent and a typical personal injury lawyer would probably give you the same answer: Not necessarily!

So what do you do when you’re not being offered enough? What can you do when you’ve been left holding the bag by insurance providers—or, for that matter, by workers’ compensation boards and other powerful entities? In such situations, explain the experts at the Kim Law Firm, you’ll need legal advice.

Personal Injury Lawsuits

In the United States, personal injury lawsuits are governed by tort law. Here’s how things work. A personal injury attorney can file a lawsuit on behalf of an accident victim. To be successful, a good lawyer will need to prove a few very important things: They’ll need to prove that their client suffered damages (including financial damages and/or pain and suffering), that those damages were result of the accident in question, and that the accident was caused by the defendant’s negligence. The last part is particularly important; if the defendant didn’t cause the accident, then why should they be liable?

Proving all of this isn’t always easy. That’s why victims should be considering their legal options from the start. The legal services that an attorney provides are much easier to offer when a victim has the documentation that it takes to prove a case. Every receipt, every medical bill, and every police report matters. Victims should be holding on to any and all paperwork from the moment after the accident.

Fighting for Justice

After an injury, answers can be hard to find. With the right attorney in your corner, though, answers will be a lot easier to come by. Where should you turn for legal services?

You should start by doing your research, advise the pros at Daniel Kim Law. Look for experts with years of experience. Consider specialties, too; the best personal injury lawyer for you will be the one most familiar with your particular type of accident. Some personal injury lawyers work more often with car accidents, others with slip-and-falls. Find the right expert!

Then, turn up for your free consultation with all of the paperwork you can find. Be prepared to show police reports, medical bills, and insurance policies. The more that you can show your personal injury attorney, the better equipped they’ll be to provide you with legal advice.

What comes after all this? That’s something that only your attorney can tell you. So go get one, and find answers after your accident.