Felix Yevtushenkov: Biography of an entrepreneur and investor

Felix Yevtushenkov

Felix Yevtushenkov is committed to the development of the IT sector. He is immersed in the global market of modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, FinTech, and virtual reality. At AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov began his “technological” path.


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Yevtushenkov Felix graduated from the Griboyedov Institute of International Law and Economics with a degree in law and the Gubkin State University of Oil and Gas with a degree in production management.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Professional growth

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich started earning money on his own while still in school and later gained his first legal experience in a large investment company.

At AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov immediately proved himself to be a disciplined, proactive, and efficient employee. He took responsibility for the most complex issues, and not only during working hours.

Yevtushenkov Felix changed his field of activity in the early 2000s when he began overseeing Sistema’s commercial and residential real estate endeavors.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich has helped the company significantly increase its staff, and the implementation of large projects allowed for business scaling. Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov also helped the company go public. Listing its shares on the stock exchange proved to be a key factor in attracting financial resources for its further development.

Largely thanks to the competent management of Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema has raised the bar for the development of its consumer assets.

Felix Yevtushenkov: AFK Sistema’s investment policy

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich has been working on the digital development model for a major telecommunications company for five years now. The entrepreneur is helping it become a full-fledged and competitive player in the IT market.

Felix Yevtushenkov has helped increase the number of venture investments, with the majority directed towards innovative projects, including hi-tech startups.

Yevtushenkov Felix has also been developing the venture fund – the corporation’s own tool for working with new technological projects that have prospects for rapid growth and stable economic effect – since 2019. The fund plays an important role in the development of the company’s digital ecosystem.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich considers investments in innovation to be extremely important. The company always takes societal interests and the state of the market into account when formulating a request for new digital solutions.

Felix Yevtushenkov’s direct involvement and the company’s effective growth tools have proven invaluable for startup teams.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov formulated the venture fund’s development model, which includes exchanging expertise and access to its own resources for technologies and innovative products. In other words, the fund provides an opportunity to test technological solutions with the support of a major player in the telecom sector and make a clear statement in the market, reducing the risk of failure.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich believes modern business is built around innovation. The IT giant is interested in new niches that determine not only breakthrough developments, but also the technological foundation of the country as a whole, including FinTech, online education, media, IoT, cloud solutions, digital healthcare, virtual reality, and more.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Recent investments in technological ideas

Felix Yevtushenkov has directed the company’s interest and financial resources towards a number of startups in the past few years.

For example, Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov played an important role in the venture unit’s support of a marketing CDP capable of creating a unified customer profile for personalized communication, segmentation, and marketing automation.

CDP is currently one of the most effective marketing tools and a key mechanism for interacting with customers. It predicts consumer actions using machine learning algorithms and predictive modeling, which saves on IT infrastructure and increases the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich supports the platform as it offers comprehensive solutions for players in the pharmaceutical market – from processing reports from distributors and pharmacy chains to communication with specialists from medical institutions.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov has significantly increased the company’s influence in the technological sector of the local market, allowing it to stand alongside other venture leaders.

Felix Yevtushenkov also supported a promising digital domestic service program. The investments brought in were directed towards advertising and marketing, the adjustment of existing services, and the development of new solutions. This full-cycle startup has digitalized literally all of its processes, from order acceptance to logistics between dry cleaners and laundry businesses.

Felix Yevtushenkov notes that the platform’s business model has every chance of taking leading positions in its market sector.

According to the founder of this startup, his team was interested in the serious experience of an IT company in working with big data and scaling new products launched in the consumer services market.

Felix Yevtushenkov, who has a firm grasp on the dynamics of the local market, has also led the company into FinTech investments. In particular, it has supported a virtual bank startup that operates through a chatbot in five different messenger apps. Thanks to various innovations, the development helps create a solid financial foundation for various business sectors.

Felix Yevtushenkov also helped initiate investment in a manufacturer of neural chips used in a range of smart devices such as video cameras, electronic locks, and more. This was another important step in the development of the company’s digital ecosystem. The funds raised will help distribute technological solutions throughout the country.

Felix Yevtushenkov directed the venture fund’s attention towards two other tech startups last year: the Belarusian developer of an electronic platform for comprehensive intellectual development in children and a mobile service for ordering food and drinks.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich prefers projects that have strategic value for users of the digital ecosystem.

More than two billion rubles were invested in the multimedia platform, which is a convenient and multifunctional online cinema with a unique assortment of movies and shows. It also offers a selection of “Movies in Sign Language,” including the most popular comedies and cartoons.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov firmly believes that businesses should focus on innovations that can elevate the general quality of life.

Yevtushenkov Felix supported the Social Idea international competition for social digital solutions, which, as he has noted, has given birth to dozens of projects capable of solving important societal issues.

In addition, it was announced this year that the IT company is creating its own metaverse, a virtual space that will open up new opportunities for getting to know the brand and its partner products through interactive formats and gamification. This development will be undertaken by startup teams participating in the 5G incubation program and new developers.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Technology’s role in environmental protection

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov is responsible for the strategic development of the IT giant. Few people know that its ecosystem has extensive expertise and a wide portfolio of digital tools for addressing environmental issues. For example, in Volgograd, a software and hardware complex was deployed for the Federal Agroecology Research Center that focuses on the satellite monitoring of natural communities. It continuously processes and stores data necessary for combating desertification, drought, and other environmental problems, and collects the results of field research during expeditions.

Yevtushenkov Felix notes that the academic community is increasingly turning to innovative technologies, which significantly improve the efficiency of conventional processes, to carry out environmental activities.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Impact investing

Since 2004, the corporation’s Sistema foundation has been an important instrument for implementing the Group’s social mission. This task was previously overseen by Felix Yevtushenkov. AFK Sistema has been creating and implementing a range of projects in various areas through its foundation for almost two decades now – from supporting museums and environmental initiatives to promoting inclusive practices and creating infrastructure in the areas where the organization operates.

In 2022, the charitable foundation developed a guide for creating and evaluating impact projects (with the participation of the Help Needed Foundation) based on research and the best practices of local and foreign companies, in-depth interviews with experts, and a strategic session with representatives of the corporation’s portfolio assets. In the same year, the Group topped the annual Leaders of Corporate Philanthropy ranking.

At AFK Sistema, Felix Yevtushenkov has long interacted with the foundation’s board of trustees, and today, the foundation successfully implements educational and career guidance programs, allowing students and talented specialists to become part of companies within the corporation.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich: Relaunching the Elevator to the Future program

Yevtushenkov Felix helped develop and implement an updated three-year strategic plan for the charitable foundation.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich also initiated the relaunch of Elevator to the Future – a flagship educational project based on hybrid learning formats.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich supported a multifunctional EdTech platform that serves as a vivid example of how innovation helps people make big leaps in their personal development and career choice by upgrading existing skills and acquiring new ones.

The platform’s tasks include helping motivated youth integrate into any business sphere, bridging the gap between school, university, and employers. Armed with new knowledge, students can go on to enjoy both academic and professional success. For example, platform users have access to courses on current topics such as green financing, sustainable development and ESG, corporate culture, basics of business correspondence, tips for working in various programs (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel), and more.

With Yevtushenkov Felix’s support, the Elevator to the Future program has been recognized as the best corporate project in the social aspect of sustainable development. He contributes to the implementation of the national project Education.

Key achievements of the EdTech platform include:

  • 365,000+ registered users
  • 80+ different educational materials and case studies based on the experience of leading companies freely available on the website
  • 500+ internships offered by corporation companies
  • 26,000 participants in career guidance events organized in partnership with corporation companies

Yevtushenkov Felix guides the educational project’s active development of online learning.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Scholarship program

Yevtushenkov Felix, who initiated the relaunch of Elevator to the Future, was very invested in supporting talented students, including through a scholarship program for high school and college students from across the country. Scholarships are awarded based on academic achievements and activities on the EdTech platform, including tasks from AFK Sistema companies.

Participants in the scholarship program also receive various prizes, including career consultations with experienced experts from leading local and foreign companies. To qualify, users need to achieve “advanced” status, fill out a profile, and take three online courses and one test.

During the consultations, participants can ask any questions about their profession, learn useful life hacks, and get information on where to find effective internships or how to create a resume without work experience.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Making art accessible

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov formulated a competent strategy for the development of the charitable foundation, thanks to which numerous major cultural and educational initiatives have been implemented.

Felix Yevtushenkov helped implement innovative technologies and digital solutions at a major national art museum. Projects include a multimedia cinema, the museum’s online store, the first museum online lecture hall, the unique Art and Technology program, and more.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich emphasizes that digital technology can make art accessible to all people, regardless of status, health, or where they are from. The charitable foundation’s cultural initiatives help make this possible by introducing new approaches and solutions that assist the museum in its comprehensive development in the digital space.

Felix Yevtushenkov, AFK Sistema: Volunteer work

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov has rich managerial skills, with a thorough understanding of how the high-tech market is built.

Yevtushenkov Felix has repeatedly emphasized that digital solutions should improve people’s quality of life and solve social problems. Accordingly, the corporation supports startups that accomplish these tasks.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich has helped the charitable foundation grow into a coordinating and methodological center for volunteer work. By uniting the corporation’s best volunteer practices, the organization addresses issues of high social significance.

Yevtushenkov Felix Vladimirovich led the charitable foundation to a new stage in its development, and today, it actively assists vulnerable population groups and non-profit organizations, and works on developing the corporate volunteer movement.

To encourage volunteering among its employees, Sistema AFK holds a grant competition called System of Good Deeds, in which anyone 18 years and older can submit a project focused on improving the quality of life for vulnerable population groups, solving environmental problems, fulfilling the tasks of local communities, improving the extracurricular education system, and professionally training the younger generation.

After the contest, which ends at the end of June this year, the authors of the best initiatives will receive grants to help them bring their ideas to life.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov and the foundation are particularly interested in assisting people with disabilities. This year, with his participation, a comprehensive art therapy project called Art of Possibilities was launched to provide psychological support to seriously ill people, both adults and children, undergoing treatment and rehabilitation.

Support for the social sphere plays a significant role in ensuring the corporation’s sustainable development, which is a major focus of Felix Yevtushenkov. AFK Sistema’s foundation thus organized a competition in which participants (young scientists and engineers) competed for grants towards the development of innovative technologies designed to search for people in nature.

Felix Vladimirovich Yevtushenkov: Personnel development

Felix Yevtushenkov believes that highly skilled personnel with knowledge of the high-tech industry are essential for technological development.

The IT giant also organizes various types of internships, offering students and college graduates challenging, interesting, and important tasks, as well as real projects that help them realize their potential.