Fan of working from home? Here’s 6 jobs you can do

Working from home

If COVID-19 taught us anything, it was to remember the importance of adaptability. Many businesses thrived when presented the challenge of working around the pandemic, but many floundered.

And then there were those who recognized the beauty in never having to leave their houses to earn an income. If you’re one of those, then look no further than right here, as this article will tell you some of the best options you have for at-home work.

1. Create Online Courses

With the global COVID-19 outbreak, online courses have become more popular than ever before. Whether out of boredom or a genuine interest in developing a new skill, people are racking up their online shopping carts with courses that will teach them subjects all the way from botany to mindfulness. There are even online courses that offer a step-by-step guide in creating online courses—how cool is that? Everyone knows something about something—so why not put it to use?

This is one of those jobs that will require a bit more knowledge and know-how. To deliver well-constructed lessons for 30 minute to hour long sessions, you’ll need to be well-versed on whatever topic your course expands upon.

2. Survey Taker

Taking surveys, which provides companies with valuable data information, requires not a bit of experience, education, or credentials. You’ll typically know ahead of time how many surveys you’ll be getting per month and how much time you’ll have between each one. Many pay cash, and others pay in gift cards.

While it might not be an option for a full-time job, it can definitely allow you to get some extra cash flow and supplies for your home that would otherwise cost you. It’s probably not the most stimulating job you’ll ever have, but it fulfills the desire of staying home if that’s what you’re going for.

3. Translator

If you speak more than one language fluently, then you’re a candidate to be an at-home translator for one of the many companies hiring. While this job doesn’t need you to have much experience or education, it will require you to be an expert in the languages you translate for.

For some of these jobs, the content won’t be that interesting, as you’ll be translating documents or medical terms. On the other hand, if you get very lucky, you could end up working for Netflix where you’ll get to enjoy movies and TV series while you work.

4. Writer

If you have a degree in English, Writing, Journalism, or another area where writing is at the forefront, then you could easily take on a writing gig as a full-time job or side hustle. Writing positions usually offer flexible workload and hours, and of course you don’t need anything except your computer and an internet connection.

While writing might appear to be a pretty “lax” job, but it’s not for the undisciplined. If you’re the type to procrastinate with work until the last minute, then you’ll end up drowning in deadlines with no way out. Constantly missing deadlines is a quick way to ruin your name and ensure that your boss will not provide you a reference letter for the future.

5. Social Media Manager

Believe it or not, there is a place for the social media addict in the workplace. While your family might mock you for being so heavily involved in social media, there is a job out there that would compensate and praise you for it. One of the best stay-at-home jobs is the one that offers flexibility, fair compensation, and the ability for you to be unabashedly yourself.

When small business owners need to get their businesses off the ground, they’ll typically hire a social media manager. The individual will be responsible for improving their online invisibility by keeping their social media platforms active and relevant. This job allows people to help small businesses compete with the bigger ones, ultimately balancing the economy.

6. Call Center Representative

While some call centers will actually be in a center, others exist around the world from the comfort of people’s homes. There are many companies that need people to work in different time zones to accommodate customers calling from across the globe for technical support.

You need not worry about education or qualifications, as all of your responsibilities will usually be in regards to troubleshooting or basic customer support. You’ll most likely just need to know how to find information in a document and read the necessary content to the caller.

7. Captioning

Captioning can pull in around $1,500 a month, an excellent choice for a side hustle. All you’d have to do is transcribe what you hear in movies, videos, or the like, captions which would be used for subtitles for the hard of hearing, or for non-native English speakers.

Captioning might seem like a job with little fulfillment, but it actually provides an important service to individuals who are deaf and anyone who doesn’t speak the language natively. So there is room for fulfillment. If you speak more than one language, then you’re double qualified.

8. Test Scoring

This is a common side job for teachers. When massive amounts of students take exams, obviously that leaves a lot of work to the organization to score. Instead of hiring people in-house to do it, organizations like Pearson will usually hire people to score the exams and pay them $10-$20 a pop.

Be warned that this job is quite tedious and can be mind-numbingly boring. If you’re looking for easy work that’s stress free, this could be for you.

These are only some of your top options for jobs you can work from home. There are actually quite a few that can be stumbled upon with a simple Google search. While the pay is generally low, a lot of times you’ll find that it’s possible for the interest level to be high if you pick the right one. Choose wisely, as it will take a lot of discipline to stay motivated to work when in your own house.