Facebook’s New Ventures: AR, VR, and Newsletters


Popular social media platform Facebook has recently published a report on their upcoming plans and it involves one of the most sought after technologies in the new age – VR (Virtual Reality).

Their 28-page report states how VR and AR are evolving and the plans in regards to this, in terms of its applications, consumer interest and utilities to name a few. We look at the different areas in which they are planning on adding these new technologies, below.

Besides the recent Facebook connect event that the platform holds to provide an overview of the latest advances in technology they will be implementing. The announcement of using VR/AR and other such innovations has hit almost all media and news sites across the globe. You can’t miss it.

Below is an overview of some of the key things they are considering.

Project Aria

The new “Project Aria” smart glasses, which Facebook staff are now experimenting with, in the real world, is expected to be released to the public next year. These glasses are said to provide a 3D layer of useful, meaningful information and will be engineered to provide the public with a better way of performing tasks. Things such as capturing the moment, playing online poker games on websites like https://ggpoker.co.uk where you can play a live poker tournament while wearing these glasses, or even simpler tasks such as finding your car keys. It is said to provide an entirely new way of manoeuvring around your world.

The first step is the prototype to help the developers gather the relevant information, then the second step will be a release to the public. The combination of innovation and fashion-forward glasses is what they’re going for.

Expansion of AR Tools and Instagram AR Ads

The report has also announced the expansion of its third-party development programs i.e. Messenger and its Portal smart speaker device. Have you ever seen the posts on Instagram of people’s videos and images changing into a Disney character under the title “Which Disney Character Are You?”. This is something the social media giant rolled out a while ago and everyone’s using it. This and many other effects are capable through one application – “Spark AR”.

It is used by millions of people across Instagram and Facebook every day. These various effects offered y this extension, such as AR effects for video calling and super augmented reality experiences through this powerful software, has seen tremendous interest and now Facebook is going a step further to take AR creation to the next level.

They will be offering even more camera effects to users as well as the ability for users to build their AR effects using various filters and tools that will be available to everyone.

Oculus Quest 2

This is the VR version of the headset being rolled out to change the game of wireless technologies. Also, can be used for an immersive gaming experience. This will bring the users an alternative form of entertainment into their living rooms, as well as be part of the next-generation software to play online games. people can now link into these VR tools and perhaps even use them on their social media pages as a form of digitally enhanced networking.

News and Newsletters

News has always been a significant part of the platform and it is also in the process of developing its very own dedicated tabs in even more regions across the globe. Partnering with the New York Times will help contextualize their journalism to be even more geared towards its audiences.

These are a few of the latest trending technologies that Facebook has in store, so keep a lookout and have some fun!