Everything you need to know about Bitcoin’s founder Satoshi Nakamoto


We all know that the name of Bitcoin creator is Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this is not his true identity. This is just a fake name to mask his true identity.

Over the past decade, many theories have cropped up, claiming that Satoshi Nakamoto is a business tycoon, Yakuza, CIA, and NSA. Some even believe that it is an artificial intelligence that has gone rogue.

This article is about the mysteries left behind by Satoshi. We will take you through the events and possibilities that might take us to the real man behind the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

Who Is This Mysterious Man Satoshi Nakamoto?

The name Satoshi Nakamoto is a fake name of the creator who created the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. He claims to be a Japanese person by origin. According to Satoshi Nakamoto, he was born on April 5, 1975.

However, people doubt his claims. Satoshi’s preferred working hours and high-level command over the English language matches with the UK.

The double-spending problem has always been a major issue. It has resisted the creation of digital currencies in the past. Satoshi Nakamoto was the first person who was able to find a way to solve the double-spending problem. He solved the problem of double-spending by creating a new asset in the form of Bitcoin.

In October 2008, Satoshi published a white that described the blockchain technology’s blueprint and peer-to-peer electronic cash system. In January 2009, he published the first source code and mined the first Bitcoin by processing the genesis block.

Though he successfully created a digital currency without double-spending, nobody knows why he disappeared without ever revealing his true identity.

This is where people started distrusting the whole existence of Bitcoin. People started speculating about conspiracy theories.

Will Ever The True Identity Of Satoshi Nakamoto Be Unveiled?

There are many theories related to the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. Some say he is of UK origin, while some believe that he is among the billionaires we know today. But nobody has any proof to support their claims.

Let’s curate the world media’s evidence and try to find out who the real Satoshi Nakamoto is.

  1. Dorian Nakamoto 

Dorian Nakamoto, the name itself says that I am Satoshi Nakamoto. He was outed by Newsweek Magazine as being the real Satoshi Nakamoto. This news created a great uproar around him and disturbed his life for quite a while. However, the media’s claims were denied as they were not able to provide relevant documents.

  1. Hal Finney

Hal Finney comes close to all the personality Satoshi has. He is a cryptographic pioneer, cyberpunk, and was the first person to receive a Bitcoin transaction. Whether you take this as a coincidence or something else, he is the neighbour of Dorian Nakamoto, which points fingers at him for being the real Satoshi Nakamoto.

  1. Nick Szabo

Nick Szabo is one of the names listed in the list of people who might be Satoshi Nakamoto. He has self-described himself as a Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Smart contracts pioneer. His claim has what made people think him to be the real Satoshi.

  1. Craig Wright

Craig Wright is also considered as a con man in the Cryptocurrency industry. People think that the person behind the name Craig Wright is the same person who was behind the fake name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Craig Wright is an Australian businessman who appeared in the crypto trade market in 2015.

  1. Paul Le Roux 

Paul Le Roux is the last person who we think can be Satoshi Nakamoto. Le Roux is a former encryption software programmer and one of the anti-national people who sold his nation’s information to the US Drug Enforcement Administration. He was later arrested in 2012, and in the court trial, he admitted murdering seven people.


There you have it, the top people who come close to being the real Satoshi Nakamoto. All the names that we have in the list are closely related and linked with each other. What do you think of all these names? Who, according to you, might be the real culprit? Comment down your thoughts on the man behind the bitcoin cycle