Essential Services All Leaders Should Offer Their Workers

The bosses of Britain’s biggest companies will have made more money in 2022 by breakfast time on Friday than the average UK worker will earn in the entire year, according to analysis of the vast gap in pay between FTSE 100 chief executives and everyone else.

A true leader believes in maximizing the wellbeing of their workers.

This means going above and beyond to give them access to services that will allow them to develop, not just as professionals but also as human beings. As you run your business, be sure to offer free perks for your employees to let them know how much they mean to you. This will build loyalty, creating a productive and happy workforce.

Psychological Counselling

For too long, society has neglected mental health in the workplace. We’ve allowed sick days for those living with a physical illness but not for someone experiencing an anxiety attack, depressive episode, or burnout. 70% of your workforce will be living with heightened stress that takes a toll on their mental or physical wellbeing. Make sure you do something about it.

Giving staff members access to a psychologist can help them stay on top of their mental health. Even those who aren’t living with a diagnosed mental disorder will benefit from the occasional therapy session. Cognitive-behavioral therapy will help them build healthy habits into their daily routine and deal with the stresses that come from working for a business.

Work-Related Training Courses

When you offer extra training for your employees, it’s a win-win for all involved. A stagnant worker is never happy so helping them upskill ensures they’re always progressing, which means they’re more likely to feel fulfilled. Don’t worry about them gaining new skills and wanting to move to another company. If they’re benefiting from your free training workshops, then they’ll want to be loyal to you.

Of course, your whole business benefits from having highly-trained staff members. Many growing companies find that they regularly need to recruit new workers as their current ones can’t keep up with the pace of change. If you’re offering free training courses, then your employees can grow with the company.

Access to Legal Advice

The world of work is fraught with legal considerations. Every day, your employees will be making decisions that could have legal implications so they need to have a good understanding of the law. Beyond this, though, they themselves need to be protected. Make sure they understand their rights and have a legal pathway they can take if anything goes wrong.

Give your employees the phone numbers of a team of specialist attorneys. This builds trust because they’ll know that if a serious incident occurs, they can get help quickly. A worker who experiences a head injury will want to contact a brain stem injury compensation lawyer as soon as possible. A staff member who is sexually harrassed will want to seek the services of a sexual assault attorney.

Good leaders take the initiative to make the lives of their workers are nice as possible. You want them to enjoy coming to work, to find growth and meaning in the office, and to form a strong, loyal bond with your business. The three suggestions above are just a few ways to create a more positive workplace environment.