Electric cars: The future for your fleet

Electric EV Cars

Are you thinking about improving your business fleet? A business fleet can be a vital element of your business model.

You could be providing cars to employees in your company as a perk or incentive. If that’s the case, then the fleet that you offer is going to be an essential selling point. Similarly, you might be running a logistics business. If that’s the case, then you are going to need to consider the cost that it takes to keep vehicles on the road and operational. There are numerous choices here and it’s important to consider which is going to be the right choice.

It’s true to say that many businesses are now turning to the electric car as the ideal option for their business fleet. With a fleet of electric cars, it’s possible to ensure that your business is able to prepare for the challenges of the future. Here are some of the benefits that you could gain with this option.

Lower Levels Of Maintenance

A key point to consider that you may not be aware of is that research shows that electric cars do require less maintenance. If you are managing a business fleet, you will be responsible for all maintenance issues and problems. As such, this can bring a heavy cost that you may not be prepared for. With electric cars, you can reduce the cost here substantially. You can also make sure that you are investing in a fleet of vehicles that are designed for longevity. The typical petrol car will last for a hundred thousand miles before it starts to experience significant issues. Electric cars can last a lot longer than this and remain in fantastic condition.

More Support

One of the issues with investing in electric cars in the past was that there was little to no support on the road. This meant that there were always issues with finding a charging point. As well as this, the charging points available were slow, taking hours for a car to reach 80%. However, things have changed and now the government has started to make a substantial commitment to improving the roads for electric cars and ensure that fast charge points are readily available. This does mean that the technology is more accessible for logistic businesses than ever before.

A Green Choice

The environment and climate change have become a crucial concern for the general population. Indeed, one poll revealed that over 40% of 18-25-year-olds in the UK viewed climate change as their main concern. That’s something to keep in mind for two reasons. First, you need to think about customers and clients. Customers are more likely to want to buy from a business that is taking steps to reduce their environmental impact.

At the same time, if you are recruiting new employees, they will want to work and build relationships with businesses that are green-friendly. Investing in a fleet of electric cars is a great way to show that you are committed to this concept and ready to make the necessary changes in your company.

Government Regulations

It’s true to say that the government is planning to crack down on issues that are impacting the environment. This is expected to include taxation on diesel vehicles. Diesel vehicles, while fuel savers are damaging to the environment and in the near future, the government will work to ensure these are unattractive as possible. This will mean making them more expensive from private drivers and businesses alike.

Big Savings

Finally, it’s important to be aware of the money that you can save by investing in electric cars. This is particularly true if your business model includes paying the fuel costs for your employees. With electric cars, you will immediately notice substantial energy savings that are going to have a massive impact on your business bottom line.

Furthermore, technology has greatly improved. This means that electric cars can travel further than before on just one charge rather than needing more energy throughout a particular journey.

We hope this helps you understand why electric cars could be the ideal choice for the future of your fleet. Ultimately, this option does provide a vast range of benefits and will ensure that your business is prepared for the future challenges that you could face on the market.

From rising fuel costs to changes in government regulations, the electric car will help guarantee the longevity of your business. This is particularly true, if road travel is a crucial element of your business model and does impact your employees.

Not only this, your business could be eligible for the OLEV grant which would make the electric car charge point install completely free or substantially reduced.