Does a Conservatory add value to house?

A conservatory can raise the value and living space of a property. Yet you will have to scrutinise the plans to maximise the return of investment.

How much value can a conservatory add to your property?

On average, a conservatory will cost ₤6,300. Even so only 11% of homeowners have taken advantage of this. More should consider this straight forward way of extending a property.

But, this is not because conservatories are at all unpopular. Since Victorian times, they have been seen as a sanctuary of calm and serenity within a property. They still have the same effect to this day. Now they are better than ever, with the benefits of modern manufacturing techniques and materials.

Conservatories are a relatively simple way to extend a property and maximise the potential of natural light. If you choose a modern conservatory made with modern materials then the insulation will mean, owners can take pleasure in the feeling of being outdoors without needing to go outside. Because of this, conservatories increase the potential to sell the property as well as increase its value.

A study in 2017 found that a conservatory raises the price of a property by about 5-12% depending on your location and the quality of the conservatory.

Is it worth having a conservatory?

We can see that conservatories add value to a home but is it worth having one from a quality of life point of view? Here are the types of people that a conservatory would be the most worthwhile for:

– Families

A conservatory can be a transformative new living space that families can use to relax. Kids can use it to play, or it can be used to entertain the extended family in a beautiful environment.

– Avid gardeners

Conservatories were originally used as greenhouses because of their excellent ability to let in light and retain heat. If you always wanted a way to grow more exotic plants or keep an eye on your most special plants without having to go outdoors, the conservatory is a must.

– People who like to entertain

If having buddies over is your thing, having more area for supper and drinks is always a good thing. It’s also excellent to have a dedicated space to retire to when the wining and dining is over. Particularly in the summer season when your conservatory can be open to the outside.

– Elderly individuals who aren’t as mobile but still wish to delight in the outdoors

If getting outdoors is challenging, having a conservatory enables you to take advantage of some rays from the comfort of your own home. From bird watching to reading a book, a conservatory is a wonderful environment to take pleasure in.

Deciding what your conservatory will be used for will determine the design you go for and the materials you need to make it happen. There are so many types of conservatory from lean to, T-shaped and U-shaped conservatories.

Conservatories are favoured over extensions because of their ability to let in light. They also provide a place where you can enjoy the outdoors. This creates an excellent extra living area for a property. Conservatories benefit from, typically not requiring planning permissions that larger extensions would.

Is it worth replacing a conservatory roof?

Replacement conservatory roofs can be an upgrade that adds genuine value to any home.

Energy saving can be considerable by adding a solid roof to an existing conservatory compared to an older glass roof. It has been estimated that after adding a solid roof to a conservatory the average home could save £200 a year on energy costs.

That can be a small amount compared to the boost in property value. This is another benefit of a solid roof conservatory that can be used to pitch the property to house hunters.

A savvy home buyer will know that a full glass conservatory roof could reduce the energy efficiency of the home. They may take that into account when making you an offer.

Whereas having a conservatory with a solid roof can make it more of a more traditional extension like addition to the home. This can put any questions about energy costs to rest.

The replacement conservatory roofing can make the conservatory more of a liveable space all year round. Roofing is also available in a range of colours so that it blends perfectly with the style of the property.

You might want to consider installing a glass roof. It can bring more protection, light, and a modern touch to your conservatory. Laminated safety glass is suitable for conservatory roof glazing. On the other hand, toughened glass is a more cost-effective option. Learn more about glass roofs at and other similar sites.


It is important to remember many factors go into valuing a home. But adding, upgrading or refurbishing a conservatory can raise the value of the property when you come to sell it. It is also a desirable addition for home hunters. Conservatories add a focal point to a home that are used for many activities. Conservatories are excellent value boosters. They should be considered by property developers when thinking about how to maximise the return on a project.