5 Best and Fast Ways to Learn and Become a Magento Developer

The active development of the site for developers of sites of the commercial direction of Magento and the peculiarities of servicing those, provoked the demand for developer specialists.

In order to understand how to quickly get the necessary knowledge and skills to start working on creating sites, it will be useful to learn about the recommendations of specialists. We will consider the most popular of them within the framework of the article.

Know the basics

Magento programmers should be familiar with the basics of the site, functionality and tools used in the development process. Basic programming knowledge is just the beginning. The wide functionality of the Magento site implies the presence of developer skills:

  • creating your own code;
  • work with the Photoshop editor;
  • development of communication skills;
  • research of new technologies and ways of their implementation;
  • constant self-development.

Understanding the basics will allow you to move on to the next stages of the study.

Learn how Magento works

An independent acquaintance with the site is the first step on the path of learning. For this, there are guidelines for specific areas and general recommendations presented on the official website. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. A significant part of knowledge cannot be obtained only from a theoretical base. Much requires practical skills.

Enroll in Magento courses

There is no doubt that training should be provided by professionals. Licensed partner of the Magento site, Elogic is ready to offer training courses for those who really want to become a professional developer and put their skills into practice. Thanks to Elogic courses, you can:

  • get basic skills and knowledge of working with the Magento site;
  • develop existing programming skills;
  • get helpful advice on how to improve the effectiveness of a range of technologies;
  • get everything you need to get started with practical work.

The obvious advantages of studying on Elogic courses are considered to be the quality of the knowledge gained from leading developers with many years of experience. Proven skills will help you get the appropriate certificate.

Do Freelance works

During the course, the user receives the necessary knowledge in the theoretical part. But one cannot ignore the fact that the best assimilation of the passed material should be realized in practice. For this you need:

  • try to independently use the tools and functionality of the site;
  • carry out practical tasks set by the course leader;
  • actively explore the technological features of integration and development.

All this together will allow you to achieve a really high level of professionalism, which is a necessity in order to boldly step into the labor market and get the first order.

Take Magento course for certification

Most customers understand that a certificate confirms the skills and professional level of the performer. Without a certificate of completion of the courses, the specialist will not be in demand on the labor market, and the trust on the part of customers will be minimal. Therefore, after completing courses and confirming skills, having received a certificate, it is much easier to respond to job offers and compete with other performers.

Attend Magento events and Conferences

For development and professional growth, it is necessary to attend specialized events, where more experienced developers share their experience and consider the possibilities of solving a number of problems that they most often encounter in practice. Given the fact that the field is developing rapidly, attending seminars and conferences is a must at any stage of a developer’s career.