Discover the Unique Style of Oksana Turney Graphic Designer

Meet Oksana Turney, a graphic designer with a unique and eclectic style. A graphic designer by the name of Oksana Turney has a unique and interesting style that is worth taking note of.

She incorporates illustrative elements in her designs, which gives them a personal touch. Additionally, she often uses bright and bold colors, something that is quite uncommon in the graphic design world. Her designs are not only visually appealing but also communicate a message or story.

Pain: You are looking for a graphic designer to create your logo, blog design, social media posts, and other marketing materials.

Agitate: Finding a graphic designer that you can trust is hard. You’re not sure if they will create the right design for your brand or if they will deliver on time.

Solution: Oksana Turney Graphic Designer will work with you to create exactly what you need!

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a profession that is used to create visual communication. This can be through the use of typography, imagery, and motion graphics. Graphic designers are often responsible for the branding and marketing of a company or product. Oksana Turney is a graphic designer who has a unique style that can be seen in her work.

  1. Atypical Design Process

Rather than starting with a sketch, Oksana begins with a theme or color palette in mind. Oksana Turney is a graphic designer who has developed a unique design process that sets her work apart from other designers. Rather than beginning with a preconceived idea of what the finished product should look like, she allows the materials and ideas to flow freely, often resulting in unexpected and atypical designs.

For example, one of her recent projects involved creating a series of illustrations for a book about insects. Rather than starting with sketches of specific insects, she allowed the natural shapes and colors of the materials she was using to guide her design process. The final product featured whimsical illustrations of bugs that were very different from what would have been created using a more traditional design process.

  1. Diverse Inspirations

Turney’s diverse inspirations have resulted in a body of work that is both highly creative and technically proficient.

Oksana is inspired by a variety of mediums, including fashion, art, and architecture. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Oksana Turney spent her formative years immersed in the country’s rich culture and history. This early exposure to art and design would later shape her career as a graphic designer. After moving to the United States, Turney continued her education at the University of Tennessee, earning a degree in graphic design.

Since starting her own studio in 2001, Turney has created work for a wide range of clients, including Coca-Cola, Apple, Nissan, Samsung, and Prudential. Her award-winning designs are often praised for their unique blend of Eastern European sensibilities with American modernism. In recent years, she has also become known for her work with social media campaigns and 3D printing.

  1. Bold and Graphic Designs

Oksana’s designs are often bold and eye-catching, making use of strong lines and vivid colors. The Ukraine-born Oksana Turney has been making her mark on the graphic design scene since she moved to London in 2003. Specializing in typography, bold and graphic designs, her work has a modern edge that has won her fans all over the world. In 2006, she was named one of the 100 most influential designers by Graphic magazine, and her work has been featured in publications such as Computer Arts and .Net magazines.

  1. Unique Style

Oksana’s unique style makes her work stand out from the crowd, and her clients appreciate her attention to detail. Oksana Turney is a Ukrainian-born graphic designer who has developed a unique and highly sought after style. She began her career in the early 2000s, working for various advertising agencies in Kyiv before moving to the United States in 2007. There, she continued to work as a graphic designer, eventually starting her own studio in 2014. Her work has been featured in numerous design publications, and she has received several awards for her outstanding contributions to the field.

  1. Use Contrast to Draw Attention

Graphic designers must have a keen eye for detail and the ability to create visually appealing designs. Oksana Turney is a graphic designer who uses contrast to draw attention to her designs. She says, “I like to use contrast to add interest and make my work stand out.” In her opinion, using different colors and textures helps grab people’s attention.

Turney has been designing for over 10 years and has worked with a variety of companies, including small businesses and non-profits. She enjoys creating unique designs that reflect the client’s personality or brand. Her favorite part of the design process is seeing the finished product come together. “It’s satisfying to see my work used in ads, on websites, or in other publications,” she says.

What are some of your Favorite Projects of Oksana Turney?

Oksana Turney is a graphic designer with a unique and eclectic style. She has a portfolio of beautiful and eye-catching projects that are sure to inspire you. Among her favorite projects are the ones that incorporate nature and organic elements.

What are Oksana Turney’s Favorite Colors?

Her favorite colors are black and blue, and she often uses them together in her designs.

How Can I Learn Graphic Design?

Oksana Turney is a graphic designer who has turned her passion for art into a successful career. She started out by taking some online courses and then working on her portfolio. Oksana’s advice for anyone looking to learn graphic design is to start by experimenting and finding your own style. She also recommends getting involved in the design community and using resources like blogs, forums, and social media to learn as much as you can.


In conclusion, it is evident that Oksana Turney has a unique and versatile graphic design style that can be adapted to any project. Her passion for her work is evident in her portfolio, and she has the skill set to take on any creative challenge. If you are looking for an innovative and creative graphic designer, then Oksana Turney is definitely worth considering.