Check out the best Chrome extensions for Gmail


Gmail is great, but with the addition of some Google Chrome extension, it works in a much better way. An extension helps remove or add features, simplify its interface, including customization options, etc.

Here is a collection of the best Google chrome extension, and it would be worthy of using them.

It is a free email tracker for Gmail used to find out when an email has been read, the number of times a recipient has opened the email, tracking the clicks, etc. By adding the best checkmarks, you can find if your email has been sent, opened or your email has not been opened. It is only a free email tracker available in Chrome Web Store. By integrating this software, you can stop your employees from asking questions to people if they have read the emails.

This extension can tell what users want and help you to manage group emails like sales@ or support @. With the help of Gmelius, you can create a shared inbox, discovering the smartest and the best alternative to groups, share the inbox as an entire unit, and many other things. The software can hide features that no one would like to see, such as advertisements.

  • SecureMail

It is an extension that does not allow anyone to snoop on the messages by building decryption or encryption tools. To use SecureMail, you need to have a company account with StarPrivate. While using, first, place your secure email address, and start composing an email. After that, press on the icon present on the right on the send button.

Geotrack has multiple features like tracking your email, scheduling, or geolocation right in Gmail with the use of real-time statistics. It is the only Gmail tracker with a recipient’s and geo-location map. With the use of the software, get to know where and when a user reads the email and from which device. It instantly tracks emails, detects the recipient’s device, snoozes emails to empty your inbox, etc.

Snooze Email will temporarily eliminate the emails from your inbox that you wish to read later. A drop-down box appears where you can specify the time that puts a pause on the message. Once the time gets over, the email will again appear, and then you can read it.

It is an ultimate tool used to track responses, send an email later, use AI in writing better emails. With Boomerang, you can write an email and send it later automatically. It also allows you to postpone incoming emails, not much essential, so that you can concentrate on the vital ones. It is a reminder service that notifies you if you do not get a reply to an email.

That’s all about the best chrome extensions for Gmail. To enjoy the features, install the best email extension as it will help you to understand who you should send an email. Also, the chances to get a reply from those customers would be higher.