Cleaning services for the food & drink industry after lockdown

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Pubs, restaurants and bars have officially opened. The government announced its plans to reopen eating and drinking establishments back in June and come July 4th, our favourite places to eat and drink were filled once more.

While times aren’t completely back to normal, with social distancing measures preventing standing at the bar and other normalities from taking place, life does feel like it’s heading back to pre-COVID – albeit at a rather slow and rightly so, cautious pace.

That being said, COVID is very much at the forefront of every aspect of our lives and ensuring we no longer spread the virus is key.

Masks are now being worn by more and more. It’s become mandatory in fact for people to wear them when heading in and out of shops.

The threat of a second wave is very much real and while we try to return to a sense of normality, it’s more important than ever that we do our bit.

Is Your Cleaning Regime Enough?

Owners and managers of bars, pubs and restaurants have all been under immense pressure to ensure they’re doing enough to adhere to social distancing rules. That’s no mean feat but it begs the question, is it enough?

While all eating and drinking establishments will have a cleaning regime set as standard, now more than ever, we need to be going deeper.

We spoke with Cleaning Express, a cleaning company in London who provide hospitality cleaning services in and around the capital. They explained that deep cleaning services for restaurants, bars, and pubs should become standard practice to ensure the safety of not only their patronage but their staff too.

From Touchpoints To Toilets – No Stone Can Be Left Unturned

It’s never been so important to focus on the areas in which the virus could potentially spread and while people aren’t allowed to muster around bars or congregate in groups within these establishments, regular deep cleaning has never been so important.

Specialist hospitality cleaning isn’t just a nice to have, it’s now essential. Every surface must be cleaned, touch points thoroughly disinfected and cleaned of germs or indeed, the dreaded virus itself.

If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself this – in spite of enforcing people to spread and socially distance within your establishment, how many people will physically touch toilet doors? Lean against bars and touch beer mats? Touch door handles and beer trays? That alone should remind you of just how easily the virus could continue to spread and indeed how important it is that you begin to implement a more effective cleaning routine.

Contact Cleaning Express Today

If you’d like more information on a more thorough and specialist hospitality cleaning service for your pub, bar or restaurant, we recommend contacting Cleaning Express today, London’s best cleaning company. They boast a highly trained team who’ve all been trained further in the fight against COVID and are willing to go that extra step to ensure your establishment remains open and most importantly, safe. Call 0203 633 0390 today.