Characteristics a General Contractor Must have to Stand Out

Being a general contractor is a satisfying and worthwhile career path.

But if you are unable to find new clients as a self-employed contractor, there are different ways you can take on to survive and thrive in this competitive marketplace. No doubt building and renovation projects never come to an end, but people are very choosy when it comes to hire a contractor either for a new building project or for remodeling. This is the reason; you must have all the qualities that can make you stand out in the industry and help secure more construction agreements. Some of them are listed below to help you get started more efficiently to become an ideal choice.

Extensive skills

People always look for a good set of skills both hard and soft in a contractor when they are about to hire one for a construction project. Creating a strong resume is a great way to showcase your skills but you must also be able to walk the talk as a general contractor. You must have a lot of sources of skilled subcontractors and other professionals to get the jobs done proficiently. When you outsource some of your tasks, you must be on top of them to provide your clients with excellent services. The ability to generate detailed progress reports is another important skill that helps you stand out in the pool of professional contractors.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured

These legal papers can make a huge difference when legal issues or questions may arise during the project completion. That is the reason, you must have a required license, bonds, and insurance required by the local authorities to make your business legal and reliable. Without these official certificates and papers, you or your client may face several financial and legal issues. Having a license ensures that your business meets all the important legal and state standards and the surety bond offers greater protection to your clients in case you never complete the job as agreed. Most importantly, general contractor insurance protects your business and employees if there is an accident, property damages, or injury on the site. All these things make your business reliable and protected to grab the attention of more clients.

Transparent Pricing

A contractor with clear lit of prices and construction-related costs shows transparency, readiness, and effective communication. With a detailed list of prices, client expectations are set appropriately and also helps you prepare transparent estimates. It shows clients that how and where different costs are incurred. Since unexpected costs may arise during the project, the availability of a price list will help you break down and communicate excess costs in a professional manner.


Extreme weather conditions can arise during the project. The ability to adapt things and processes accordingly is one of the important qualities that make a general contractor an ideal choice. A contractor that is professionally trained to tackle a range of complications and challenges can get the job done in a timely fashion even without any excess costs and charges. A good contractor is always ready to review the current project plan and make necessary changes accordingly when required. This is the reason, you should be able to adapt processes and tasks as per individual needs and changes to complete projects on time.

Good Communication Skills

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the vital traits every contractor must have to get more jobs. You as a general contractor must act as a day-to-day resource to make the construction process easier for both your team and client. You should organize weekly meetings to assess project progress and address the issues if any. You should also create detailed weekly reports to share regular updates with the homeowner and the staff. Furthermore, you should be using the latest communication methods and tools to keep everyone on the same page while completing your job proficiently.

A Digital Portfolio

A detailed portfolio of your past work can help your clients better understand the quality and type of construction services you provide. Make sure to create a digital portfolio so you can share your preciously completed projects and tasks with your clients anytime. It will help them view all your previous work conveniently even on their mobile devices like tablet PC or smartphone whenever they want.