11 strategies to market your WordPress blog

If you are starting your WordPress blog, you need to promote your content in various social media platforms.

Having an informative and appealing blog is not enough you need to get serious with promoting it. Marketing has always been an excellent way of driving your target audience towards your brand or product. You can use various marketing strategies to convey your brand’s message to people.

Here are strategies which will help you to market your WordPress blog successfully.

Create high quality and engaging quality

The first step to ensuring that you successfully market your blog is by creating high-quality, engaging content. You need to realize that various people are specializing in the same niche as you. Also you need to ensure that you create content which is engaging and one which will solve the problems of the readers and also give them a great reading experience.

Install a great theme

The appearance of your blog can break or make it. Web design is an important aspect which can leave a first and last impression on a person’s mind.

Hence you should search for a great theme which will showcase what your blog is all about to visitors who visit your site. Take your time to choose the best theme for your blog which will enhance the usability of your blog and encourage visitors to stay on your blog.

Social media marketing

If you want to drive web traffic to your blog, always market your blog posts in almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google +. Also, you can create a Facebook page where you can add all the visitors whom you are targeting. You can then share your links to your blog posts through your Facebook profile. Also, you can make use of social sharing icons on all your blog posts to enable the readers to share the content on their online accounts.

Guest posting

Guest posting is writing an article or a blog post on another person’s website or blog. You can make use of a guest post to encourage visitors to visit your blog. This strategy markets your blog and also gives you an external link from other authority sites which might improve your ranking in the search engines.

Creating SEO blog posts

You can get ranked higher on Google, Yahoo by optimizing the descriptions and titles in your blog posts. Ensure that all your meta titles contain the relevant keywords, can easily be read and describe your content in an attractive way.

YouTube videos

YouTube is a platform where you can make use of audio videos to convey a particular message to your target customers. You need to have a lot of creativity for you to market your blog and content on YouTube. You can start with a video which is simple to help you get to know more about making YouTube videos for your future blogs.

Email marketing

Email marketing is one way in which you can easily promote your blog. With email marketing, you need to come up with an email list and continue adding new subscribers so that you will generate quality leads. The subscribers who you add in your email lists will hopefully help you in sharing your content across different web pages. So you should create an extensive email list to enable you to get more web traffic to your website.

Direct advertising

If you want to convey your message directly to the people you should use direct advertising. Advertising can be done in various ways such as videos, photos or texts. If your budget allows it, you can go for paid advertising. You can also hire a manager to advertise your content on the relevant website. Relevant websites are the sites which are related to your site. For example, if you are in the hotel industry, you can advertise your business on websites which deal with holiday locations.

Referral tracking and backlinks

Backlinks are essential in that they make the search engine realize how useful your website is due to the recommendations other people are making about your site. For example, other websites can recommend your site just by providing a link to your website on their page, and this is how the search engines know the usefulness and legitimacy of your page.

However, the value of the backlinks will entirely depend on the value of domain which is recommending your site. Backlinks coming from valuable websites are more valuable. Alternatively, you can enhance the quality of the content on your site. When your visitors love your content, they won’t hesitate to recommend you to their friends.

Useful images

You can make use of images to enhance your WordPress blog. Images make the content on your page to be more readable and understandable. Images are more expensive than words. Make it a habit of adding sufficient and relevant images on your WordPress site. You can make use of online tools such as kraken.io to optimize the photos on your blog. Optimizing the images on your page will help reduce the page loading time which in return helps the UX.

Networking with other bloggers

A lot of bloggers don’t interact with other bloggers. The success of your WordPress blog will also rely on how influential it is on social media. For your website to have a great social media crowd, it needs to be shared on other popular social media blogs.

If you continuously share blog posts from other bloggers they are most likely to return the favour by posting your content too. Networking with fellow bloggers might also generate for your quality links. You can network with other bloggers by following them on Twitter and Facebook and also by commenting on their blog posts.

With the use of the above strategies, you will be in a position to promote your blog across different platforms.  When you successfully promote your blog, you will be able to drive more web traffic and hence generate quality leads.