Burglar proof your business


Did you know that 12% of commercial businesses experience burglaries every year and that, according to Scotland Yard national sanction detection rates, only 5% of burglaries and robberies are actually solved by the police?

Small to medium sized businesses are popular targets for burglars and most of the loss comes in the form of expensive equipment or merchandise. We here at Rotec Security Solutions are here to tell you how you can burglar proof your business to ensure you don’t become another unsolved crime statistic.

Reinforce Physical Security

It seems an obvious starting point, and perhaps you’ve already installed industrial locks for your doors or other small security considerations, but burglars are tenacious and these may only delay the inevitable. Security doors are a must for any and all businesses and should be installed across all access points from the front door all the way to staff entry and loading bays. We advise a combination of security gates, high powered, security rated steel doors, and steel roller shutters that are resistant to lock picking and brute force.

Protect Your Business from the Inside Out

Securing entryways and access points is one of the most effective ways to burglar proof your business but it’s always important to have a backup plan. This is where internal security comes into play. Sectional doors and internal roller shutters can help businesses protect high-risk areas such as stock cupboards and rooms containing expensive equipment or computers with sensitive information. These can be installed across all internal access points and can stop a burglar in their tracks.

Control Access

Human error can play a big part in breeches in business security. Sometimes burglars don’t even have to break into a building to gain entry due to carelessness with keys, passwords, and identification. We advise that you keep a key distribution record and ensure all employees turn in their keys when they leave the business. We understand that using one master key both external and internal access is convenient, but this can drastically increase your risk of burglary related crime.

It is our recommendation that you limit building access control to as few staff members as possible and appoint someone to oversee building security before closedown every day. This would involve checking that doors and windows are closed and secure, ensuring all staff members have their keys and other access equipment on their person before leaving the building, locking up at the end of the day, and any other security considerations unique to your business.