Making sales digitally? 5 tactics that will help control the conference call

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When used properly, conference calls are a great way to make digital sales and capitalize on prospective customers or clients who you are unable to meet with in person.

Being unprepared for a conference call can have a negative effect and give the impression that your business is unorganized. This `is why it is crucial to know exactly how to set up, manage and follow up your conference call correctly. 

On the other hand, if you are able to show yourself in a confident, prepared manner during the conference call, you can significantly increase your digital sales within your company.

The following are five useful tactics that will help you control the conference call when attempting to make a sale digitally.

Prepare Yourself Before The Conference Call

When it comes to selling your product or service, it is essential to prepare yourself in a proper manner. For conference calling in particular, this means determining what needs to be discussed during the meeting, knowing how to work the conference call service, and being prepared for any malfunctions that occur.

The number one way to prepare yourself as far as the content of the conversation is concerned is to make a detailed agenda as to what should be discussed during the meeting, and then doing everything possible to follow through.  

In addition, it is important to give yourself enough time to prepare for the meeting with the prospective client or customer. By doing so, you can have time to make any changes or ask for advice of a colleague or friend if something goes wrong.

Set Up The Conference Call Properly

The next step, and certainly one of the more important ones, is Learning how to set up a conference call. The absolute worst thing that can happen when making a conference call in an effort to make a sale is to not be able to get in touch with the prospect due to technical difficulties.

To avoid this, be sure to choose a conference call service with a good reputation and that is dependable. After doing so, be sure to familiarize yourself with the software and gain a full understanding of how to initiate the conference call. A great way to ensure you know how to do this is to conduct a trial run well in advance of your first conference call.

Once you learn how to set up the conference call properly, you can then worry less about a mishap in the setup process and focus more on your sales pitch to the prospect.

Understand The Conference Call Service

It is also important to understand how to operate the conference call service. By gaining a full understanding of all of the features the service provides, you can know exactly how to best present your pitch to the prospective customer or client. For example, if you choose a conference call service that allows you to screen share, then you can use this to your advantage during the meeting.

The ability to fully understand the conference call service and its variety of features allows you to better manage any malfunctions which may occur within the system. Whether it is a sound difficulty or a problem with connectivity, you can become familiar with how to solve the issue by getting to know the service you are using

Keep It Brief and Straight to The Point

A long conference call can be a painful experience for a prospective customer or client, especially if they are on a limited amount of time. Whether you have a good grasp on how to work the service or not, it is important to keep your message brief and straight to the point.  

As mentioned previously, it is important to prepare yourself ahead of time and establish an agenda to follow during the call. While getting away from your pre-established agenda is oftentimes inevitable, it gives you a guideline to follow to ensure you are meeting all of your goals for the conference call.

Avoid talking too much about issues that are not all that important. Be straightforward with your message, and provide only the necessary details that need to be discussed. Be sure to leave some time at the end of the call so that clients and employees have a chance to ask any questions that they may have

Take Notes, Record The Call and Follow Up

Another important tip to remember is to document the conference call in some way. By doing so, you can revisit the subject matter of the meeting and make sure nothing important was left out.

Perhaps the best way to keep track of what is said during the meeting is to simply record the call, although it is important to disclose to the prospective customer or client that you are recording the call.

While recording a conference call is an effective way to keep track of what is said, going back and listening to it can take up more time than its worth. A more effective strategy for many is to take notes during the meeting, highlighting the most important talking points that were discussed.

So why is taking notes so important? First off, it allows you to have an understanding of what is to be expected. More importantly, however, documenting the conversation gives you a chance to follow up with your clients or employees, and remind them of what was discussed at a later date.