Betting Industry Regulation Update 2023 in UK – How to Choose a Trusted Betting Website

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The betting industry is booming.

According to a recent study by UK Daily, it’s been predicted that by 2030, the sports betting industry will have climbed to a whopping $182 billion – with some experts predicting an even higher level of growth.

As of 2023 however, betting sites have had to introduce tighter measures that both restrict and invalidate particular betting practices. Fortunately, the most reputable sites out there were already complying with this new legislation and in this article, we’ll be getting to grips with knowing which site to choose to ensure that your gambling isn’t affected.

What was the 2023 update?

New legislation was recently passed to limit the way in which particular betting activities are carried out – namely those that allow gamblers the ability to obsessively take part in bets without control. This legislation is spreading across Europe, the United States and parts of Australia, with even smaller EU countries like Cyprus and Hungary limiting the way in which bets can be placed in the near future.

How can you enjoy betting without restriction?

There are several ways, but one of the most prominent is to choose a reliable gambling website that abides by all laws, whilst remaining flexible and easily accessible. These reputable betting sites can be a great way to adhere to the rules, without losing out on the ability to place your bets and enjoy your hobby.

How to choose a reliable site

When sports betting or traditional gambling, the first thing to look for is the sign of a recognised payment method. As payment platforms are cracking down on illicit behaviour, more and more websites are being closed, making it easier to identify those that are deemed reliable and reputable.

This is the first step to take, and the second is a secure server code to avoid the risk of being hacked or having your credentials stolen. A secure server will look like this: https://, as opposed to a simple http:// – which is considered unsecured.

Finally, always check reviews for a particular website before deciding to sign up to its features and services. A good site will boast a wide variety of games, a good selection of customer reviews and very little in the way of criticism. The better the business runs, the more satisfied its customers will be – and this will all become apparent when reading reviews.

Safe gambling online in 2023

This is a brief guide on how to choose a trusted betting website, as well as a little information on the restrictions currently being introduced to deter illicit and obsessive gambling. With all of the above in mind, bet safely and always seek help should you feel pressured into placing bets. Recognising a potential problem before it happens can be the ideal treatment – but if you’re finding yourself unable to walk away from a betting site, don’t run the risk of getting into debt and seek the advice of a trained and qualified professional, who will be able to diagnose any issue and help you to treat it with minimal fuss.