Tips for Starting a Successful Sports Betting Business

You might think that the Coronavirus might have slowed us all down in the gambling scene, yet the online gambling industry skyrocketed in 2021, recording a $231 billion market size.

A sizeable portion of $89.65 billion was wagered on sports bets in 2021, while in 2022, the market size is estimated to reach the $99.20 billion mark, recording a 10% increase from the previous year.

Sports betting is here to stay. By visiting the best UK bookmakers and sports betting sites, you can kick off your sports betting experience, which could quickly grow into a flourishing business.

Want to learn how to make it in the world of sports betting and make money? Read our essential tips below.

What are sports betting?

Sports betting is placing money wagers on sports to make money in return. You can place bets on any given sport, including football which seems to attract 12 million UK football fans to place bets. Horse racing is another fan favorite, with 13 million Brits placing bets on horses.

A growing business that slightly slowed down during the pandemic has now picked up, gearing up for many sporting events happening across the globe, from single events to tournaments, esports and seasonal events. Sports betting is a booming business that will appeal to many.

How to choose the best sports betting site for you

Finding the best sports betting site to bet on sports is a good starting point. You can start with a simple google search or head to sports betting review sites and learn more about the sites on offer. One of the most important aspects of choosing your playground is licensing. Having a proper gambling license in place means that the site must adhere to regulations and laws that the regulator imposes. Many sports sites hold MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) and UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). Both reputable licensing bodies place the player at the center of everything, so playing at such licensed sites is fresh air.

Find your sport and stick with it

After finding the gambling site that is most suited for your gambling fun, how about we talk about sports? You can choose between various sports, tournaments and odds available worldwide at sports betting sites and place blind bets on any offered sport. The most valuable and profitable approach is finding a sport, mastering everything about it and hitting the wagers subsequently.

Many sports review sites will offer betting guides to learn all the ins and outs of betting.  Once you settle on a sport, read all about the betting strategies and team formations, choose a team to support, to bet on, and learn everything you need to know. Bets are not just won by applying strategy; reading about Team morale, injuries, and the transfer market will also help your goals and hopefully contribute to making a profit out of your sports wagers.

Deep dive into the world of betting markets

Placing bets with no actual strategy will not see you widen your bankroll. To place bets with a positive turnout, you would need to know everything there is to know about betting markets. Sports have different betting markets based on the sport you are betting on, but ultimately, some markets are similar across many sports. Some of the most sought-after and placed bets are listed below:

Football Betting Markets

Match Result Winner – This bet holds a 50/50 chance of you winning. All you need to do is guess who will win the match and who will be declared the loser.

Total Corners – Total number of corners generated by the 2 football teams playing during the match.

First Goal Scored – This bet can be placed in 2 ways. You could opt for a 50/50 chance of a win and place a wager on which team will score first. Alternatively, if you want to defy the odds, you could also place a bet on which football player will be scoring that said first goal.

Boxing Betting Markets

Bout Winner – Just like the Match Result Winner (football markets) here, you will be betting on which boxer will reign to be declared the overall winner of the fight.

Total Punches – The total Punches market will see you bet on the number of punches landed during the fight. You could also opt to decide the split of punch proportion and even how many of those punches landed.

Final KO – A KO is quite common during a boxing fight, with betting markets offering odds on who will land a KO and during which round of the contest (Fights are 10 – 12 rounds depending on weight category)

If you want to make a small fortune out of your betting, potentially raising the stakes to turn your betting into a business, learning all about the available betting markets is a must.  Knowledge is power, and power is winning when betting on sports.

Payment methods in the sports betting niche

Weekly over 30,000 gamblers use cryptocurrencies to wager money on sports or play at online casinos. This translates to 4,000 gamblers using payment methods such as Bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin, all significant currencies popularly used at gambling sites.

Your payment methods play a significant role in where to register and play, with only limited licensing bodies allowing the usage of cryptocurrencies at Blockchain casinos.  As a rule of time, MGA and UKGC-licensed sports sites will offer traditional payment methods, while Curacao sites offer blockchain payments.


Sports betting could easily be turned into a flourishing business that sees you making money out of your wagers. To be prosperous in your sports operation, you would need to do some groundwork, as stated before.

Every business needs effort and a good business play; the above points will see you make money out of your sporting bets.