Best free VPN For Windows 2020

Slow Internet

Surfing the internet is like writing a private letter which is pushed into a bottle that is placed in a chest and is sent on a ship to a distant land with more than a few port stops on its path.

The ideal situation is that the letter is then only be taken out, and read by the desired recipient. however, the seas are dangerous and each port may harbor devious and malicious individuals whose only purpose is to put their hands on the precious letter.

Virtual Private Networks are protocols that allow us to make sure these letters we send reach via a safer path and more protective measures to their destination! basically adding a navigator to the ship and a lock to the chest. Originally developed for companies to allow their workers to access their private networks via the public internet as if they were on the same local network, VPNs since evolved and are being utilized to protect and serve anyone who surfs the internet.

Great VPN services are defined by their ability to receive and deliver the packages faster via better routing and larger bandwidth allocations for its users in addition to providing encryption which wraps the packages and protects them from any inspection if intercepted. Today common uses for VPN services are circumvented geo-restrictions, securing transferred data, protect vulnerable hardware (such as consoles), and granting privacy from unwarranted eyes while browsing.

Why should I even use a VPN?

Selling private data was always valuable and with tools to harvest it faster, it is no surprise that many companies built their entire business model around prying private data from their customers. In recent years, lawmakers didn’t successfully manage to decree proper protection from those who seek and hunt it and even ISPs are able to sell it, therefore it is up for the user to seek protection.

VPNs are the tools to make sure that whatever the user preforms while browsing his actions won’t be manipulated or used without his consent for the benefits of others as is in the case of surfing unprotected, VPNs are a necessity for every internet user today.

Difference between Paid and free VPN

Plenty of users will turn to the web browser to search for a VPN only to be overwhelmed by a market filled with ads for pricy VPN services, those might offer a few types of connections as a method for data transferring, larger bandwidth to traffic their users through and more widespread locations to connect to around the world.

Free VPN services have the benefit of not requiring the user to provide financial information or pay on a monthly basis while still allowing the average users to enjoy the majority of the benefits for a limited time or for a more limited scope, such as smaller server pool or limited bandwidth.

However, a deeper search will find some hidden gems in the form of Free VPN for Windows which will provide the user all the benefits of a free VPN while at the same time provide unlimited bandwidth and an ever-expanding location pool to chose from all around the world.

Free iPhone VPN

The impact of the coronavirus is still noticeable but is receding with each passing day, life is getting back to track and with it the amount of time the average person spends away from his home and relaying on his mobile for his online needs. Accessing favorite content easily and anonymously from anywhere becomes really easy with Free VPN for iPhone easy to install easy to use application.

VPN for Chrome

It used to be that in order to use a VPN would require the user to install convoluted software to his computer that required some technological savviness, nowadays plenty of users can simply use their popular browsers and install a lightweight extension such as the Free VPN For Chrome instantly make sure surfing through the web will become a safer experience.


Traversing the web might attract unwelcome attention to what we do and where we head to, to avoid those peeping eyes it’s our responsibility to equipped ourselves with the best tools to fend them off and luckily VPN services provide those inaccessible manners. There are some good paid VPN services out there which will give a mega cooperation a large number of connection types to choose to deliver their data with.

However, for the average, these tools are redundant and that is why for me Urban VPN provides all that you need with unrestricted connectivity and bandwidth, a large number of global connection points, and a safe peer to peer connection which completely hides my IP, all while being free.