Best Data Management Tools for Higher Efficiency [Best Picks]

In a world that produces limitless data every minute, we need the most efficient data management tools that collect, simplify and present this data in actionable forms.

But data management is not that simple. It requires very smart tools that are able to comprehend and analyze data so we can use it in the most efficient way.

From offering solutions to your everyday hurdles to saving your company from failing, the right data management tool can do it all. So I have compiled this list of the best data management tools available today to maximize your efficiency. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1.   Softorino YouTube Converter 2

Apple users have a hard time downloading videos or music to their iOS devices due to compatibility issues. To cater to this niche, Softorino YouTube Converter 2 is an all-in-one converter, downloader, and transfer tool dedicated to iOS devices. This power-packed tool converts YouTube to MP3, YouTube to MP4, and YouTube to M4R within a few seconds.

And that’s not it! You can convert and download ANY video or audio from Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and over 60 other platforms.

You just connect your iOS device to your PC, search for the desired video in the in-app browser, add it to the queue, and hit convert! SYC 2 will automatically send the files to the native apps on your selected iOS device, and convert YouTube to mp4 on iPhone, iPad, or iPod in a few moments. It even supports the first-generation iPods! Now that’s the kind of data management tool that all iOS users need!

2.   Oracle Data Management Suite

As you can guess from its name, the Oracle Data Management Suite is a suite of data management solutions available for businesses. This comprehensive tool helps data-driven projects to grow, deploy and manage themselves by using consolidated, continuous, and actionable data. This data is available across the entire enterprise to be used in all functional and analytical operations.

By using this diligent data governance tool, a uniform, cross-functional and consistent awareness about the business processes is spread across the entire enterprise.

3.   Skipr

Skipr is perhaps one of the most sustainable and environment-friendly data-driven solutions to all the mobility woes of Europe. This smart application consolidates all the available means of transportation, bookings, and payments into one compact tool within the palm of your hands.

To control the carbon emissions from thousands of cars on European roads every day, this app encourages people to use alternate ways of traveling and ditch their cars. It combines ride-sharing, ride-hailing, public transport, walking, scooting, and skating to work rather than traveling solo in their cars.

This reduces the number of cars on the road as more and more people are traveling in one vehicle. People can even schedule and pay for transport from within this app.

Moreover, Skipr also offers mobility solutions to businesses by compiling a mobility budget for their employees who were previously given company cars. Company cars were a major reason for the increase in the number of cars on roads every day.

Instead of opting for a company car, employees would now have the option to buy a cheaper electric car or use the other available means of transport. This way, they can keep the remaining amount of mobility budget to themselves while contributing to a sustainable transport system.

4.   WALTR 2

WALTR 2 is yet another handy, data management tool to cater to the woes of iOS users. This powerful desktop software allows iOS users to send ANYTHING to their iOS devices by just dragging and dropping it into the app. From books to music to movies, it sends everything to iOS devices without having to convert them into a compatible format beforehand.

With WALTR 2, you can send books, PDFs, documents, music, photos, videos, movies, ringtones, and TV shows to the native apps on your iOS devices. This smart tool combines wifi connectivity, automatic content recognition, and 4K support, all within ONE app. As a result, iOS users can have all the entertainment on their devices without any compatibility issues. Cool, right?

Wrapping Up

So that’s all folks. This list of data management tools is guaranteed to solve your problems and increase your efficiency, whether you are looking for an individual or business solution. Get these apps to boost your performance and ease your worries!