Amjad Khalid’s Dough Central Will Leave Your Taste Buds Satisfied

Pizza is a universal dish that is loved all around the world, the amazing dish was first created as a staple of the Italian cuisine, now it can be found at almost all parts of the globe, each having a unique spin on this tasty dish.

Located in Colliers Wood, South London, Dough Central is quickly gaining popularity as the premier restaurant for pizza and other delicious comfort foods.

Amjad Khalid is the owner and founder of Dough Central, he is applying his vast experience in the food industry to give consumers the ultimate dining experience when visiting Dough Central. Khalid has been running an Indian restaurant/banquet hall for over 15 years, he seeks to incorporate the flavors of different cultures into his pizzas, giving them a unique twist that can rarely be found at other establishments. Khalid founded Dough Central in 2019, seeking to integrate the essence of different cuisines that captivated him during his travels around the world. Khalid aims to combine the convenience and flavor of some of his favorite dishes from the U.S. and other parts of the world into his delicious menu. His signature pizzas reflect his vision, with the Mexican inspired Chipotle Ole pizza, American style Smokehouse pizza, southern style Buff Chick pizza, as well as the customer favorite, the Indian Tikka Chick pizza.

Dough Central is not only great because of its pizzas, they have a wide array of flavor packed dishes that are sure to have something for everyone. If you are not feeling up for a pizza, Dough Central has amazing subs that have the same great tasting ingredients used in their pizzas- you can try one of their signature subs, or a classic turkey or tuna sub. Dough Central makes slight changes to their menu every 3 months, targeting potentially new dishes they want to incorporate into their menu, the type of dishes that may inspire a new sauce, topping, or dough. Such inspiration comes from the trends and events that take place in London and the United Kingdom.

Dough Central has dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and they can accommodate the craving of any type of eater. They have coffee for an early morning burst of energy that can be paired nicely with one of their signature waffles. Subs or pizzas for lunch, paired with a thick and delicious milkshake, as well as wine, beer, and cider to unwind and relax after a hard day at work. Their fresh and healthy salads are great for the healthy eater. Dough Central is a family favorite that is sure to have you coming back for more.

If you are in the mood to indulge your sweet tooth, Dough Central is the perfect place to fulfill your craving. They have signature waffles like the Hella Nutella Waffle, Oreo Dream, or Banoffee Pie. The Hella Nutella is a customer favorite, as it comes with a bed of Nutella, vanilla gelato, Kinder Bueno pieces, and is topped off with luscious white chocolate. They also have great gelatos and sorbets, as well as freshly baked doughnuts. If you are stuck at home with the Covid-19 blues, Dough Central also delivers. If you are a local or visitor of South London, Amjad Khalid’s Dough Central is a one-stop shop to satisfy your taste buds.