Benefits Of Making Good Website Design


It has always been challenging to attract and keep website visitors’ attention, but recently it’s become even more difficult. With tons of quality content published hourly, competition between sites for users’ time increases at the speed of light.

According to Google, it takes visitors only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion of the website. And this first impression will determine whether they’ll stay or leave your site. So let’s see why the beautiful and polished website design is the key factor to a successful site.

1. Good Website Design Sets the First Visitor Impression

As mentioned previously, it takes less than a second for the users to access the site’s aesthetics. When a visitor lands on a well-crafted responsive platform that looks beautiful, has bright color solutions, and well-organized features, he feels pleased and wants to stay a bit longer. Dark colors, confusing navigation, and unappealing design, on the contrary, make visitors leave the site quickly. Think about how much money and potential customers you can lose if you launch a PPC campaign or create quality content, but your visitors bounce from your site almost immediately. You’ll waste all your money unless you redesign your site and make it more appealing and welcoming. If you don’t have a team of in-house designers, turn to the help of web design outsourcing companies, and they’ll help you.

2. Good Website Design Builds Trust in Your Brand

Good visuals and modern design prove that the brand takes care of its customers’ experience on the site and invests money in its improvement. However, people are usually suspicious about poorly designed sites since they seem shady, confusing, and less secure. People don’t trust a website with outdated design and will never sign up for it, subscribe, enter their personal information, or make payments. As a result, you’ll lose your potential customers even though you are an official business and provide quality services or products.

On the other hand, clean and attractive visuals are signals that the site is trustworthy. It encourages users to stay on the site longer, check out your products and services, etc.

3. Attractive Visuals Boost SEO Results

In May 2020, Google introduced a new search ranking factor for websites called Core Web Vitals. This ranking factor is directly related to design. Here are its three critical metrics:

  • Largest Contentful Paint – the overall time required for a page’s content to load
  • First Input Delay – the time needed for a page to become interactive for users
  • Cumulative Layout Shift – visual stability measurement metric that shows the number of unexpected layout shifts

Your site will meet all these metrics if you put the user experience first and improve the design. For example, the content should load fast; images should be appealing, animations should be smooth, etc. As a result, your website will appear in the top results of Google search.

4. Use Attractive Design to Beat the Competition

Another benefit of making a good design is the chance to stand out from the crowd. You cannot stay in competition with low-quality design. As a result,

  • your competitors’ website will outrank you on Google search
  • you’ll lose potential customers to your competitors
  • attracting new customer will become more challenging

With an attractive site design, on the contrary, you’ll be able to win more deals by showcasing the features that make your business unique. You’ll be able to prove to your customers that you’re better than your competitors.

5. Appealing Design Boosts Revenue

Attractive website design increases revenue indirectly by affecting the factors that have a direct impact on revenue growth. An engaging website will decrease visitor bounce rate, attract more people, and convert them into qualified leads. More leads mean more money which increases the company’s revenue.

Final Thoughts

Overall, good website design is a key factor in the success of your business. The outdated and poor design leaves a negative impression, while a beautifully designed website generates more leads and helps close more deals. So, before investing money in PPC campaigns to attract visitors, make sure that your website is ready to accept visitors and make them stay.