Alexander Gvozdik: the pride of Ukraine or a fraudster for a million

Alexander Gvozdik

More recently, Alexander Gvozdik has appeared in the middle of the Ukrainian sports spotlight. Millions of Ukrainians were proud and cheered for the success of a young boxer.

Which, despite the difficulties, was able to achieve success. But we would know in what ways everything was achieved. It is unlikely that then at least someone supported him and considered him an idol.

Read about the athlete’s criminal activity and shocking facts you can read in the article.

The start of the career of Alexander Gvozdik and dark secrets you did not know about him before

As they say, many famous people hide skeletons in the closet. Alexander Gvozdik has too many of them… The other side of the story, the truth, is that our hero since the age of 19 has not lived by the rules. It was then that he contacted the crime boss Vadim Kazartsev. He worked for him, carried out small assignments – he intimidated and beat those who were pointed with a finger. And then he betrayed, but we’ll talk about it a little bit  later.

Alexander was ready for literally anything for the sake of his hero (of course, following his own goals and ambitions), and in return, he helped him to advance in his sports career – he sent the Prime Minister of Turkey to the tournament (2009), presented a car and an apartment (such as the motivation for the future and bribery of the ward; by the way, the apartment cost $190,000), got a job in the national team, helped to get to the London Olympics (2012), carried all the expenses for sporting events.

Without Kazartsev, Gvozdik would hardly have received such fame. There were a lot of outside investments in it. And the fame itself came to the boxer only after the Olympics. Then came the contracts, America, and the fight with Stevenson, which brought him about $1 million.

An interesting fact is that all the money was safely transferred to Europe for his gambling business. Everything was naturally done in such a way as to bypass taxes in both countries – both in native Ukraine and in America. Apparently, he immediately lived according to the principle, if you circle your finger, then on a large scale.

Part 2. Quit boxing to become an advertising ambassador for the gambling business

We all know that it is very difficult to combine two jobs for a long time. So our worker Alexander Gvozdik could no longer be both a bad guy and a boxer, the favorites of so many people. In 2019, he crossed out everything in one fight with Beterbiev and very badly went into the sunset.

Is it possible to call leaving and this career something good if his whole history is an entourage of dirty deeds? And in the end what? Alexander became an advertising ambassador for the gambling business. Although we are sure that his illegal income warms him. But he could build his life more correctly, become a motivator for young talents. But this fate does not suit many. Now, this is the person in whose direction it is disgusting to look. He personifies a business that is built on the vice of people, personifies that part of the universe that can be called a nightmare.

How did Alexander Gvozdik get involved in the gambling business?

The proposal came to him from shadow structures. It was necessary to advertise the gambling business. The reward was just crazy – $5 million (and in cash). Without any reasoning, he accepted it and then using dark connections transferred money.

Illegal schemes, deception of the tax systems of Ukraine and America – all these actions led to the opening of gambling business in the States.

Then Gvozdik helped organize his gambling employers, using connections in the criminal world, to launder $ 5 million in the United States, for which he received $250 thousand.

Part 3. Death of Kazartsev and Agroinvest Holding

When Vadim Kazartsev fell seriously ill, he, without further thought, formalized his share in Agroinvest Holding for Alexander Gvozdik. But everything was originally conceived for the duration of the illness, which did not recede, so everything went to our gambling ambassador.To him, not to the Kazartsev family.

Since Alexander understood absolutely nothing in this business, he sold/”presented” for millions of property that did not belong to him to unknown people. In the literal sense, he robbed the widow of his philanthropist Tatyana Kazartseva. By the way, a trial is underway in Ukraine over a fraudulent donation scheme. We hope that justice will still prevail. Until then…

We see the result ourselves! For example, terrible things have been happening with Agroinvest Holding since the beginning of quarantine. The real 90s, for which we, modern people, are not ready at all. Businessman Oleg Kiyashko was illegally detained for a long time, and his company and employees suffered from numerous raider attacks.

Even so, Gvozdyk managed to make his dark contribution to someone’s life, setting off a chain reaction of terrible events in the everyday life of honest people. He helped the individuals who wanted to squeeze the business from Kiyashko to take action. Bravo! And this is our pride, our Ukrainian boxer…

Gvozdik himself is now receiving a residence permit, although he committed a number of tax crimes, as we have mentioned earlier. He laundered more than a million dollars, bought himself a luxury house for $2.5 million, but for some reason, he is still getting away with it all. And how can peaceful citizens live in a world where normal people are overtaken by raider attacks and imprisoned without any reason? The question remains open for the Ukrainian and US authorities consideration.