Should You Hire an Advertising Agency for Your Online Marketing?

Online marketing

Are you trying to decide between hiring an agency vs. in-house business marketing? It’s an issue most small to medium-sized businesses have to decide on at some point in their growth.

It’s understandable if you think that most ad agencies only manage expensive campaigns or prefer to work with large corporations. A search for the best advertising agencies in New York or London and their clients only validates these assumptions further.

However, nothing could be further than the truth. Most advertising agencies also work with small and medium-sized businesses. That’s because these clients bring a significant revenue stream for these agencies.

The only problem with this news is it makes deciding between agency and in-house marketing harder.

If you are debating whether to bring your digital marketing in-house or hire an ad agency, here are three reasons why you should probably go with an advertising agency.

#1: Save Money

At this stage of your business, you need all the cash you can invest in growth. So hiring an in-house team could set you back significantly in salaries, taxes, and benefits.

You might also need to invest in extra officer space, workstations, and numerous expensive marketing tech tools. Hiring an agency saves you from paying these bills and reinvesting those savings back into the company.

#2: Get Straight to Execution

In some instances, you need to hire and invest in training the new employee(s). While you can hire some employees who can hit the ground running from the start, that could cost you the money than you’re willing to spend.

Going down the in-house path means you can move straight to executing your marketing goals as you need to wait for your new employee to be trained appropriately. This can take months in some cases.

On the other hand, bringing in an agency lets you get straight to execution from the start. This makes your life easier, as the agency team is clear about your expectations and your business goals.

#3: Access to a Diverse Skill Set

Digital marketing can be complicated, and it’s rare to hire someone who’s an expert in all the areas you need for your business. In fact, we would go out on a limb here to state that anyone who claims to be an expert at three or more online marketing skill sets is a bluffing.

Depending on your goals for the year, you might need a paid media specialist, an SEO specialist, a content writer, a specialist at conversion rate optimization ……. and the list goes on.

Putting together a team of this size and depth is not only expensive but time-consuming. With an agency, that isn’t the case. You not only get access to experts at any online marketing specialization you need, but the agency team can bring their individual expertise to your business’s marketing plan as a collaborative group.

#4: Finally, Save Time

Hiring an agency to handle all your online marketing needs is a time-saving hack. You and your team don’t need to spend time trying to figure out how to set up and run a marketing campaign — especially if no one in-house has the requisite digital marketing skillset. You also don’t waste your marketing budget creating an advertising campaign that fails because you lack the expertise.

Final Thoughts

There are obvious disadvantages to hiring an advertising agency to manage your marketing campaigns. However, the benefits far outweigh the cons for a small business looking to accelerate growth. You and your team will have time to focus on what you’ll know how to do best and leave the hard work to an experienced team of pros.