Adidas selling new eco-friendly sneakers made from ocean plastic


Do you know what your sneakers are made out of? You might guess some kind of fabric, rubber, and plastic.

If you got your shoes from Adidas, we might be able to tell you exactly what went into their construction, as Adidas is selling new eco-friendly sneakers made from ocean plastic.

Adidas first offered the sneakers in late 2016. Since then, the environmentally friendly sneakers have taken off, with multiple new designs unveiled. So, why did Adidas decide to use this unconventional material? And what do these eco-friendly designs mean for the business world moving forward?

Why Use Ocean Plastic to Make Sneakers?

Ocean plastic probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you thing about making a pair of shoes. Adidas started making the shoes after teaming up with Parley for the Oceans, an environmental initiative.

The idea was to create something useful from something that was damaging to our environment. Plastic in the oceans is a tremendous problem. Pieces of plastic do not degrade in the ocean. Instead, they clump together, many of them forming the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.” This collection of plastic is twice as big as Texas and still expanding.

plastic bottles

Doing something productive with ocean plastic keeps it from adding to the problem. 11 plastic bottles go into each pair of Adidas’ new shoes, contributing to the:

  • Laces
  • Heel Webbing
  • Heel Lining
  • Sock Liner Covers

Are There Other Ways to Use Ocean Plastic?

Reusing ocean plastic to make sneakers can’t erase the entirety of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Adidas is working on other designs to use more ocean plastic. The company is also making sportswear and yoga wear out of ocean plastic.

The company also stopped using plastic bags completely, moving to paper bags as a way to reduce plastic waste. Additionally, Adidas has announced plans to make its entire product line out of recycled plastic by the year 2024.

You can get your hands on some ocean plastic by ordering Adidas’ new products. You can also reduce the ocean plastic gathering in the water by recycling and reusing plastic bottles and products around your house.

Are Other Companies Creating Eco-Friendly Products?

Adidas is reusing ocean plastic with their eco-friendly sneakers. Many other companies are joining them in a new wave of eco-friendly products. Many car manufacturers are designing and building energy efficient cars that don’t rely on gasoline.

Energy efficient vehicles utilize batteries that charge with electricity, which can reduce CO2 emissions. These vehicles also save drivers money at the pump, as it’s usually cheaper to charge them than it would be to pay for a tank of gas.

Many companies encourage customers to shop with reusable bags. Lightbulb manufacturers are focusing on creating lights that last longer and that do less damage to the environment. And many companies that produce electric devices are including options for solar charging.

Taking steps to make eco-friendly products can allow companies to embrace sustainability, while providing customers with products that are new and creative, like Adidas’ ocean plastic shoes.