A quick lookback to the history & expansion of Breeder’s Cup

Breaders Cup

The horse racing community and sports fans all over the world have another reason to celebrate as the newest edition of the Breeder’s Cup has finally set a date.

The newest edition of the Breeder’s Cup this year will commence on the 2nd and 3rd of November either in Santa Anita or Churchill Downs. There is not a definite venue yet because both locations are under negotiation and that Breeder’s Cup organization has still to confirm it.

This horse racing event is considered as World Championships of thoroughbred racers. In fact, the Breeder’s Cup is now considered as one of the most prestigious horse racing tournaments in the United States following the most popular Triple Crown showdown. In the early days of Breeder’s Cup, the racing is only held for one day while as of today it is now deemed to be a two-day event.

Moreover, the Breeder’s Cup is a competition attended by mightiest thoroughbred racers all competing in Grade 1 Stakes category. The prize at stake for the Breeder’s Cup can reach up to $6million and the distance that each racer can run depends on the individual races the composed the Breeder’s Cup. To be honest, like the Triple Crown shows and other big horse racing tournaments, this is attended by hundreds and thousands of spectators and sports fans all over the world.

In 2008, the Breeder’s Cup was added by three major races making the Breeder’s Cup a four-themed horse racing event. In this two day event, the Breeder’s Cup can award a total prize of $30million. Although in the earlier years, there were issues that Breeder’s had to face and two racers were removed; however, the organization made a full effort to regain the races back and fortunately there were able to make it successfully.

Nowadays, the Breeder’s Cup is one of the most sought after horse racing event in the entire world. Aside from the fact that it serves as one of the prep races before a colt or filly can head on to the Triple Crown show, it is a true test of a champion wherein a horse racer is truly measured by his full stamina and agility. The winners of this racing event will earn an automatic slot in the Kentucky Derby.

Moreover, the Breeders’ Cup Betting will present four trophies and the winning horse racer will be draped with flowers. Aside from that, there will also a lot of special awards to be given away for those colts and fillies who win in a particular category of the division they represent. Also, since the Breeder’s Cup is considered to be one of the prep races for the Triple Crown, it is expected that the Triple Crown candidates and hopefuls will have their appearance in this event. This will serve a rematch for all hopefuls hoping that their fate will change before they will head on to big races.

Breeder’s Cup History

In the early ’80s and ’90s where the Breeder’s Cup was founded, the event was created to celebrate a year-end event of horse racing shows in North America. It is also formulated to attract all thoroughbred racers all over the world so they can fully showcase their running skills to the world. This idea started when John Gaines proposed the said Breeder’s Cup as part of luncheon awards for the Kentucky Derby.

Moreover, the amount of the prize for the Breeder’s Cup is acquired by nominating fees by each breeder joining the said event. Also, everyone who nominates a colt or filly to join the competition including in North America will pay a nomination fee. The total amount gathered before the racing starts will be deemed as the pot prize for the said racing event. As stated the Breeder’s Cup was only a single day event; however, due to its popularity it was developed and expanded to make it a two-day event.

The Recent Years Of Breeder’s Cup

It was in 2011 that the newest President and CEO was appointed and it was Craig Fravel who run the organization until this day. Moreover, the said racing event is either held in Santa Anita or Churchill Downs. The Breeder’s Cup needs to take place in this big racing fields because there is a massive number of the crowd attending the said event.

In 2015, it was a historic year for the Breeder’s Cup as the first Triple Crown was clinched by a horse racer with the inception of Breeder’s Cup. They said that it was the first time that they have recorded a grand slam win of a thoroughbred racer getting both the Triple Crown and the Breeder’s Cup title. It was American Pharoah who got the incredible title and no horse racer has topped that until this day.

Photo by Julia Joppien on Unsplash