Top applications for tracking your kids


Those days are gone when you have to call multiple times to ask whether your kids reached home from coaching, school or not?

Technology has availed various incredible solutions to make our lifestyle better and independent. Now, we can leverage useful GPS-enabled apps to create a safety wall among our livings. Let’s explore a few of them here:

Find My kids

Find My Kids is an amazing and affordable package of child monitoring features to make your kids secure. You will be notified when the kid reaches school, home or other specified location. You have the right to restrict the visiting areas for your child. Whenever they cross that area you will get the notification. And, you do not need to call them again and again.

Also, their visited location history can be generated along with the route they choose to go and it is only for their security purpose. It has an emergency button that can be pressed by kids when they are in a problem. It will record sounds from their surroundings. The app is GPS enabled and available for both the iOS and Android devices. You will get an instant notification along with their live location and the noise in the surroundings will get recorded.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids application is compatible with Windows and IOS along with Android and IOS. You can monitor kid’s activities through the web also. But its Web application becomes slow sometimes. But it offers lots of features in its free version at an affordable price.

It paid version is of only $15 annually and it’s free version fulfills most of the needs of the parents. In the free plan, you will get geofencing, live location tracking, web filtering and time scheduling like features.

Location tracking works on both platforms – Android and IOS. But time management and call or text monitoring cannot be done properly in IOS because of some rules by Apple. But some changes in features can be done by Apple in its new update.


Ourpact is a powerful parental control app, available for both Android and IOS. In Early 2019, it was removed from the Appstore and then Apple reinstates it again but with some restrictions. Ourpact is the only app that provides geofencing and allows tracking of target mobile live. But due to restrictions, now you are not allowed to track completely.

But this feature still works for the Android platform. Also, you can schedule mobile using time as it provides you screen managing feature. Ourpact is a complete package of features which are required by parents to make their kids secure.

It allows you web filtering to prevent the kids from unwanted sites, videos and content. Also, you can block the apps to download on the target mobile. But this app is not able to track messages and calls of your kid’s phone. It has an attractive user interface which makes the kids love to use it but it is quite expensive.


The main reason for developing MamaBear is to make to the kids secure from social media. It has features like monitoring kid’s social media activities, location tracking, etc. You are eligible to check their upload on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. You can set the driving speed for them and will get notified immediately if they cross the restricted speed. It has different plans and you can choose it as per your requirements. Also, it has a free version and is available for IOS only.

Screen Time

Screen Time is a child tracking app with intuitive design. As its name suggests, you are allowed to restrict phone usage by locking the screen. You can schedule phone usage time. All the functions are not available for the IOS version. You need to pay extra for location tracking and web filtering whereas another child monitoring the apps provides such inbuilt features.

You are not allowed to monitor the text and calls of the target mobile. Visited location history and geofencing features are embedded in the latest update. You can assign tasks through it and also can give rewards to make it interesting app for kids.

SecureTeen Parental Control

Secureteen is launched by Infoweise Pvt. Ltd. It has a user-easy and cool user interface. You are allowed to track the real-time location without much effort. It supports only the Android platform. Along with tracking you will get many other monitoring features like screen and time schedule.

Family Locator with GPS Tracker

As the name suggests, Family locator app can be used for any family member. You can easily track the target mobile and get its real-time location with the help of GPS tracker. Even the child can share his location with more than one person. The family locator is designed for Android users only.

Thus, you can see how these applications are transforming our lives by providing numerous features such as real-time tracking, SOS and many more. Don’t think twice, install any of them now and fulfill security need for your family

Photo by Kevin Gent on Unsplash