9 futurist & must-know content marketing insights

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With the advent of fast smartphones and other such gadgets coupled with the easy and low-cost access to the fast Internet has brought out a sea change in the ways products/services are marked.

The smartphone with its quality built-in camera has become a smart and fat content marketing device. It can make content in various format, features, platforms, apps, filters and social media channels. For this, mind mapping is essential.

The effectiveness of smartphones output is influencing the marketers to design different market strategies form time to time. In such a scenario, it is important to think what could the future of content marketing and how to make yours be different. Themarketinghelpline states a 3 fold growth will occur for the Industry in 2 years.

Here are nine ways that are bound to make your point of view different from the crowds.

Facebook strategy

Facebook Live was the marketing mantra last year, and now the it’s watching Facebook episode by episode. However contrary to this, industry stalwarts are preventing success when the concept is a great way of promoting is going live.

However, this does not mean Facebook marketing is ineffective. That a few business owners might have pulled out Facebook videos does not mean that it’s ineffective. It’s squarely because, in the long term, this marketing is not effective for their businesses.

The moot point is marketers should be on the watch out on what’s going to happen and leverage their competence to is. And, social media channels are rapidly learning from the competition.

Occasionally send videos to your audience. It’ll help.

Vertical videos

Mobile created videos that are run in a vertical frame have gained currency. In general, videos are the most important for a real and authentic piece of evidence contrary to the fact a few years ago when it was considered bad. Today, It’s the trend.

Studies show that smartphone users hold the device vertically in 94% the time because holding in other way is not convenient and easy. Because of the Snapchat vertical video has gained importance. Following this, Instagram stories and Facebook stories and the horizontal videos came on Youtube. The takeaway is if you need to stay ahead in video marketing, use vertical videos. Note that vertical video getting more views than horizontal videos.

What’s about 360-degree videos?

If you happen to use widely the three-dimensional videos with respect to places, experience stories to communicate to your audience, a 360-degree video is the best. Such a video will help the audience engage well. If you own a brand, creating a virtual experience to influence feeling and mood, 360 degrees video is the best. Use 360 Camera to bring the world a whole new lot of content to share and engage your audience.

Also 360-degree photos

If you wish to get a great impression among your Facebook page/Facebook group is to use the 360-degree photo as the cover image of the brand. When you present your business at a conference, make sure to upload 360 degree photos. You can buy a 360 camera. This will help engage your audience for sure.

3d photos

3d photography enables you to take your audience’s imagination to a new dimension. If you really wish to add a little quality 3d photos will aid your storytelling in the social media. You easily learn from the video on Facebook – how to make 3d phones and post.

Augmented Reality

Use of augmented reality has revolutionized video marketing. The days communicating by texting or speaking on phone are gone! Brands are scrambling as per the demands of the new generation by using augmented reality marketing. Note that if your audience belongs to Gen Z, a paid strategy will help.


Good news for marketers! Snapchat reality is available for computer – desktop and laptops. In other words, you can suit your YouTube videos even when you are using apps like Google Hangouts, Skype and the like. Using Snap Camera integration you can go on streaming.

Skip press releases go for holography press releases instead

Today, press releases are no longer that effective as they were some time ago. Consider news on your company or a new product/service announcement as a press release using holography. Today it’s possible to integrate 360 degrees and 180 degree holos to make marketing and PR blended and share across all social media platforms (that are AR/VR compatible) like Facebook, Snapchat.

Facebook Spaces

Facebook Spaces is said to have predicted to connect a billion people in VR. Now it’s social VR – a blend of social media with virtual relation. Today, learning how to get a competitive edge in marketing is easy. Learn the tactics. You just need to buy on headset and PC to participate in Facebook spaces. Facebook Spaces is an effective marketing tool for businesses. You can do these with Facebook Spaces

  • Highlight your brand
  • Crete video content
  • Create 3d video content
  • Hosting talk shows
  • Hold business meeting

Hold events

Brand and markets aiming to stay ahead must take a futuristic outlook on how content marketing undergoing changes to look in new dimensions, new experience and new mediums. Having analytical skills is a competitive advantage. Ensure you occasionally send you promo to potential users.

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