7 Working Digital Marketing Tips for Businesses 2021

In 2021, if you’re a startup or a well-established business, there’s no escape from digital marketing. If you want to stick to the primitive marketing techniques thinking that your business has already flourished, let me warn you to be ready to see your graph fall.

Digital marketing is the need of the time and you will have to forcefully accept it. Now, if you understood the dire need to implement this to grow your business, let’s understand few strategies that will help your business soar.

  1. Utilize SEO to its full potential

Business is a platform that undergoes various trends. It is inevitable to stay updated with the latest trends updated to make your product or service visible to your target audience.

Every year, Google modifies its algorithms more than 100 times.

To do this, you will need to update your SEO techniques regularly. Keep a close check on the keywords you use and the number of searches and leads you to get through it every month. Look for keywords that can increase your visibility and provide leads. If there are any changes in the search engine cycle, note that too.

  1. Don’t believe people who say ‘Email marketing don’t work!’

59% of B2B marketers use email for lead generation. 21% of sent emails are opened within the first hour of delivery. According to HubSpot, 80% of people believe that email marketing amplifies customer retention.

So, the statistics prove that email marketing is not outdated. The personalized email works magic for the customers and brings them back. When you have a low marketing budget, email marketing is one wonderful technique to grow your customer base.

  1. Redesign everything with Mobile-First

Digital marketing services in India provide access across all digital media platforms. You need to check if your content copy looks perfect on the desktop as well as the mobiles. Since the interface is different for various platforms, this check has to be mandatory.

Have an eye on the copy to see if the image size and content are positioned at the appropriate places. Make a check that two elements aren’t overlapping one another. All these things fall under the category of mobile-friendliness.

  1. Never, NEVER forget Social Media

This technique will help you to build your brand awareness as well as convert inquiries into leads. Every social media campaign is run on different social media platforms depending upon the company’s target audience as well as their preferences.

The few most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. If nothing more, your company’s page should be active on these platforms to maintain your brand’s image. More than 70% of shoppers use these platforms before making their purchase decisions. The visibility of your brand here is going to give you higher leads.

  1. Add Podcasting to your marketing kit

You can either make your own podcast or be a part of someone else’s podcast. This is extremely helpful for building your brand and audience. For podcasts, you don’t have to be a celebrity. If you have a good valuable story or information to share, the audience is all yours. You’ll also find various apps that support podcasting.

  1. Videos are the way ahead!

This is yet another successful technique to generate revenue. Video marketing not only tells your message but is also capable of showing your message. Because of this, it is capable of increasing your reach and operations.

You can create tutorials or informative videos as they work the best with the consumers. In such videos, you can explain how to use your product or solve the faqs of the consumers. The sole purpose for doing this is to engage with your target group.

  1. Influencer marketing equals celebrity marketing

Influencer marketing involves getting someone to whom the audience listens and they promote your product to your target market. This is a comparatively newer technique but also gives the best results. People believe in influencers more than the marketing ads run by the company.

These influencers can be gifted free products or you can compensate them monetarily to promote your product.

You can only succeed in your business now if you’re able to read the minds of your consumer. So, stop forcing your thoughts on the audience but instead adapt to their mindset and solve their problems. Give them valuable content that can, in turn, generate revenue for you too.