Swimrun equipment

Endurance sports are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on, with people aiming to test the boundaries of their physical swimming activity. Swimrun is a sport that entails people running and swimming across a physically challenging multi-stage course.

As participants don’t usually change clothes between the different running and swimming stages, it’s necessary for the correct clothing to adapt to both sets of challenges.

This is when swimrun equipment comes in useful. This can include a variety of things including wetsuits, vests, sleeves, and shoes. If you’ve never done a swimrun before, you might not know how important it is to pick out the right set of clothes. If you choose the incorrect clothing, you might come out of the physical activity feeling cold and shivery, blistered and beaten, or even sore and sweaty. Choosing the right kit, therefore, should not be taken lightly.

Swimrun wetsuits

Swimrun wetsuits, in particular, are greatly efficient for this type of endurance sport. Whilst normal wetsuits only usually have a back zip, swimrun wetsuits adopt a zipper on the front end of the wetsuit too. Having a zipper on both the front and back of the suit will make it easier to dress and undress. These zippers can effectively allow the wearer to cool down and gain more breathability, constantly allowing regulation of temperature. This is especially true since you can easily take your arms out of it and have the suit hanging at your waist, allowing you to keep cool whilst the run is hot and sweaty. Slipping in and out of the suit makes it suitable for this type of event since whilst the run is hot, the swim is usually a lot colder.

When thinking about how a swimrun wetsuit should fit, you’ll want to keep in mind that it should be a tight fit, being snug with a bit of pressure to help enhance your performance as much as possible. The material will stretch over time due to the physical challenge you’ll put it through, so it would be worth going for a tight fit for this reason too. The material is usually quite thin to give it a lightweight feel, allowing for maximum performance when running since your kit won’t weigh you down. In fact, the leg seams are sealed, meaning that you can cut the legs to your individual preference, whether this is to keep a full-length suit or cut them above the knee for eased running. The same goes for the arms too. These types of suits can sometimes even include inside pockets – a big appeal to many people! There are different things to consider in this area.

Other equipment to consider

People taking part in swimruns often wear separate vests and shorts under their wetsuits. Specialised clothing can increase your buoyancy within the water in a swimrun, maintaining the correct body position even when your body starts to tire. Extra clothing is also helpful for keeping you warm in those long swims. Specialised swimrun equipment is available to help aid you in these sports activities for maximum performance.

Shoes should be worn throughout a swimrun. They need to be effective for running long distances, not to mention climbing over the rocks you’ll face when getting in and out of the water. This means that your swimrun shoes will need to drain water quickly. Fell running shoes can be really effective for running over rough terrain, although socks also need to be considered. Short, wool-based socks are usually okay when wet, although you could consider getting long socks to give you extra warmth. Goggles and swimming caps should also be considered for swimming long lengths in cold waters.


Overall, it’s vital to purchase the right kit when preparing to do a swimrun. With both running and swimming involved, you need to think carefully about what a good, practical fit for both types of tasks will be to fully conquer it. With the right swimrun kit and accessories, you could find yourself pushing the boundaries of your physical activity which you might not have thought possible otherwise. Investing in some practical clothing is definitely worth considering to encourage and exceed in your sporting endeavours.