7 main reasons why many companies fail to hire the right Candidates

Job seekers and applicants waiting for interview

Having the right person fill in a key position in an organisation is essential to the success of a business because this ensures that the members of the team are working towards a common goal.

However, there are instances wherein enterprises find it quite difficult to find the proper persons who are well suited to be members of their business team

In line with this, below are some of the main reasons why many companies fail to hire the right candidates.

Outdated Hiring Process

One of the primary reasons why several companies fail to hire the right talents is because of an outdated hiring process that is no longer effective. In this modern-day and age, it is already necessary to create a diverse workforce that is inclusive through the help of technological innovations. In this case, you can leverage on a workforce management program that will help you match people with certain skill sets with the right positions in your company. The great thing about this software is that it can generate reports that will provide you with a basis for your analytical analysis in terms of filling open positions in your company with the right talent.

Unclear Job Descriptions

Another reason why companies may find it quite challenging to hire the right people is that their job descriptions may be unclear. Thus, you need to ensure that the job descriptions you publish are not ambiguous, but rather, it should have a defined list of duties and requirements, regardless of the position that you intend to fill. This will ensure that you will attract your desired candidates to apply for your job post. You also need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a candidate.

Complicated Application Process

When you want the right people to join your company, then you need to make sure that you will make it easy for them to do so. This involves revisiting your hiring process and making improvements in an attempt to simplify it, rather than otherwise. For instance, you can shorten the forms that they need to fill out, or better yet, have your applicant fill online forms instead and store their information in a central database such that they only need to enter their data one time. Applicants may find it quite discouraging to fill out lengthy forms multiple times, entering the same information in each of the forms every time.

Unreasonable Expectations

When you come up with a job description for a position in your company that needs to be filled, make sure that you have realistic expectations. Keep in mind that your notion of a perfect candidate may not exist, or that the number of years of experience that you are requiring may prove to be too much for the salary that you are offering. In this case, it is beneficial to do a bit of research on industry standards to ensure that your requirements are rational.

Hiring Biases

Companies may fail to hire the right candidates because of certain hiring biases that may cloud their decision. Some may only focus on the skills of the candidate and overlook their personality, while others may give preference to their friends or family members applying for the position. There are also instances wherein they make a dangerous assumption that the candidates they have interviewed represent the entire talent stack.

Unrecognized Company

Globally recognized companies tend to get more applicants for their vacant positions simply because they are already well established in the field. Applicants are also aware that these companies are some of the best that exist. In this case, perhaps you need to exert an extra effort in promoting your company so that applicants will be aware that a great company such as yours also exists.

Lack of Focus on Passive Applicants

When you want to tap the right talents, you should not only focus on the active applicants in your pool. Rather, you also need to consider passive candidates who are not actively applying for any job post but have an updated resume in online hiring platforms.

Many companies may fail to hire the right candidates to fill in the key positions in their organization perhaps because of an outdated hiring process or unclear job descriptions. It can also be because of a complicated application process or unreasonable expectations on both sides of the employer and the applicant. Hiring biases may also affect this, as well as the lack of company recognition or focus on passive applicants. Consider transforming the factors listed above to ensure that your company would be able to tap the persons perfect for your company.