3-step strategy for SME’s to survive COVID-19 and beyond

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Working together with our clients worldwide, our top tech specialists came up with a simple 3-step strategy to encourage small and medium business owners to resist the pressure of the COVID-19 crisis to then emerge even stronger.

What do you do when the entire world is in transition? The COVID-19 outbreak froze entire business sectors, changed consumer behavior and value chains overnight with some of these changes being irreversible.  Looking at all the damage done, we question ourselves how can we rebuild and overcome this? How can we create a better future for us to thrive?

We at Virtual Electronics PTE LTD have already found some answers to help you create your action plan. We will break down the challenges and opportunities brought by the Covid-19 crisis for you. As surprising as it might be, COVID-19 has not slowed innovation at all — its amplifying it!

The pandemic lockdown turned our world upside-down. While some businesses have managed to survive or exploded by chance, most found themselves demolished across the board. So what should you do? Working together with our clients and partners around the world,  Virtual Electronics came up with a 3-step strategy to help your business regain control over the current situation and get ahead in the post-crisis world.

Step 1. React Here and Now

Although the full range of pandemics impact on our lives and the global economy is not yet known, it has surely triggered extraordinary changes. In the short term, do your best to continue running your business in the new reality no matter what. Think about easy to implement here and now adjustments that you can make to your business model or your work processes in general. The main goal here is to at least stay on your feet and break even.

Step 2. New Opportunities

Driven by disruptive challenges, the need for innovation in the new world is greater than ever. The question is: How fast can you act? In the medium term, try to focus on defining new opportunities. As the financial situation slowly recovers, you might be surprised by the odd demands of the new market. Keep an eye on new tendencies and think about how can you fit in.

Step 3. Rock It!

In light of the new post-COVID reality, we should revise trends and explore how they impact our lives and enterprises in the post-crisis world. Luckily, nothing in the world lasts forever. Sooner or later, the Covid-19 crisis will pass giving way for businesses to thrive again. Therefore, keep your focus on realigning your company and creating a strategy to adjust to the new reality. Think about ways to flourish your business in the post-crisis world in the long term.

Its tough to lead when the whole world is a flux with numerous underlying layers hard to predict.  While the above 3-step strategy cannot be a manual on how to counter the COVID-19 crisis for SME’s, we hope that it can add to what you are already doing and lead to action.