7 email writing must-haves


Whether you are an individual promoting a service or product or a large conglomerate or anything in between, chances are you are partaking in some type of email marketing campaign. Email is a staple in business communications.

From reaching out to new customers to gauging the interest of prospects, there are various aspects to email marketing, and people are constantly trying to find the right balance between connecting and selling.

Given that email is such a popular means of business communication if you are not already engaging in it, chances are you are looking into ways to use email marketing to promote your product or service. Starting from deciding whether or not you need an email signature to decide the type of tone your email is going to use, everything needs to be well planned out and assessed before starting your email marketing campaign.

With an influx of information, it can be confusing kickstarting your content marketing campaign, so we have created a list of 7 email writing must-haves to make your life easier.

Email template builder                

What exactly is an email template builder, and why should you use it? Email template builders are designed to make your email marketing efforts more engaging and to make your emails look more professional and well-structured.

When you create a template builder, you need to consider the compatibility of the template across all platforms. For example, you might find a great template, but it might not be the best for mobile devices. Given that most people access email from their photos today, this will surely hamper your email marketing efforts. So, make sure you consider a responsive design that is suitable for your type of email marketing efforts.

Email template builders are great to save time, improve communication, establish brand consistency, and ultimately improve your bottom line. Research and choose an email template builder that will help you achieve all of this.

Email signature generator                

Each email is an opportunity for you to connect with your prospects and clients. You need to set the tone for your brand and create a persona that is in line with what you are selling. But there are certain things that help people in all industries.

A personal email signature will enhance the email marketing efforts of individuals across all industries. So, make sure you do the bare minimum for your email marketing campaign and include an email signature generator to your efforts. It’s a nice way to ensure the closing of each of your emails is perfect.

Along with being a great way to sign off your emails, it is also an opportunity for your prospects and clients to connect with your company employees, and it is a great place to include a call to action or CTA regarding your core business and all upcoming events, promotions, and offers.

Grammar and readability checking tool                

Your might spends lots of time and resources drafting the best, in your opinion, email content, but if it does not have proper grammar and desired reliability, for your readers, then your efforts are in vain. How do you determine readability? Something that is easily understandable to you might be gibberish to someone else– how do you determine this?

The most common method of assessing grammar and readability is the Flesch-Kincaid score. This takes into account the sentence structure, vocabulary, syllable, and a few other things to determine the readability of each piece. In this scale, the higher the readability, the better the score.

So, the next time you draft content for your email marketing campaign, or any other content, use online tools to check your readability and tweak your content based on your results. This simple email writing must-have will keep your audience engaged by improving the scalability of each of your written content.

Link shorteners                

Originally link shorteners came into existence to make sure links do not become fragmented within email texts. Soon they became a popular choice for social media marketing. If you have done any sort of social media posting, particularly on Twitter, you might be familiar with link shorteners and the need to shorten links.

But from its inception, link shorteners are not limited to social media platforms; they can help with your email marketing efforts as well. The biggest benefit of link shorteners is that it reduces the length and characters of URLs, which can take up a lot of vital email text space if left unedited. Long links can also get in the way of text readability and get in the way of search engine optimization or SEO text.

Plus, you can track all the link visits once you have used a link shortener. So, make sure you include a link shortener in your email marketing must-have to add value to your email marketing campaign.

Online files hosting                

When you are sending an email for business purposes, you want to send a mix of items. Sometimes you might send a newsletter, sometimes you might send a promotional code, sometimes it might simply be gratitude for engagement with the brand email, and sometimes you might want to send a video. Most static content does not take up a lot of space and can be easily supported by email software.

However, larger video files are not email-compatible and require online files hosting services. Online file hosting is an awesome way to send anything necessary that is a large file through a link. It is important to have a mix of content in your email marketing campaign, and at some point, you will have to send video files.

So, an online file hosting service is a must-have to take care of large files like video files in your email marketing campaign.

Visual editor                

As stated above, at some point in your email marketing campaign, you will add some visual elements. It adds to your brand, and it is a welcome break from the monotony of text. It is a good idea to add visual elements to your email marketing campaign as it can add to your message and help keep your readers engaged.

Email generates a good return on investment or ROI on every dollar spent. So, just like you invest a lot of energy in making your website and landing pages look good, you need ensure your email marketing campaign receives the same amount of attention and care. A visual editor will supplement these efforts and make sure the visual aspects in your email marketing campaign are taken care of. So, a visual editor is another must-have for you to achieve the desired results from your email marketing campaign.  

Subject line checker                

The subject line is the first thing your readers see and the line that has the power to alter your open rates. So, do not take this lightly and think of ways you can make your subject line enticing and engaging. At the same time, there are also subject line checkers that you can adopt and use in order to make sure your subject line is grammatically sound.

If you are sending an email, chances are you are looking to build trust. There is nothing more off-putting than a sloppy subject line, as it can entirely disregard all the resources and energy you have put into creating your email marketing campaign. The best part of using a sublime check is that it can help you make sure your subject line meets the recommended size and is not spammy. As a result, a subject line checker is an email writing must-have.

Part of having an effective email marketing campaign is the effective use of tools at your disposal. Research and see what works for campaigns in your industry, find out the mistakes of your competitors, and learn from the successes of email marketing campaigns in general.

Then put these email writing must-haves in place and kickstart a campaign that will win prospects and charm customers. A little extra effort can go a long way with your email marketing campaign and significantly boost your conversion rates. Understand the power of email marketing and use it to your benefit.