7 Bitcoin alternatives that might get attention in 2021


Cryptocurrencies are picking up the pace as digital assets are the new trend.

As 2020 is coming to an end, people are eager to gain information on different bitcoin alternatives to start investing in cryptocurrency.

If you are a beginner, you might have a lot of confusion while picking up the right cryptocurrency for investments. It is evident that the only crypto you have heard about is bitcoin. But many different alternatives are quite profitable to invest on.

In this article, you will know about the seven best Bitcoin alternatives that might get progressive attention from the crypto investors in 2021. For more information check it out here.


Ethereum is the number one alternative for Bitcoin. Investors who are aware of Bitcoin also put their trust in Ethereum. If you are planning on investing in cryptocurrencies in 2021, Ethereum can be one of the best alternatives to Bitcoin for your choice. As per the reports, the highest price of Ethereum in 2020 was $480 in early September. Therefore, massive growth is expected from it in 2021.


Litecoin showed its potential back in 2017 with a growth percentage of 8000%. It has a strong market capitalization for which the potential of this cryptocurrency in the year 2021 is predicted to be higher than usual. The list of best Bitcoin alternatives cannot be completed without adding Litecoin onto the list. As per the predictions, the price of Litecoin can reach up to $600 by the time 2021 comes to an end.


TRON is built on the network of Ethereum and was launched in 2017. It is trending because it has integrated a special algorithm named ‘proof-of-stake’ for processing safe transactions. As per the predictions of the experts, the price value of TRON might go up from $0.026 to $0.4 in 2021. It is a very progressive sign that makes it a perfect alternative for Bitcoin.


In the year 2017, Ripple was the best cryptocurrency of the time. It is because it had a growth expectancy of 36000%. The fact that it can be the best alternative of bitcoin in 2021 is that the RippleXRP is currently leading the list of best cryptocurrencies at 4th position.

Ripple is all about helping you invest smartly and win a good return. If you are a cautious investor, then it is high time you must go for Ripple as it is eventually going to pick up pace in 2021. As per the prediction, the price of Ripple might go up to $2.94 by the end of December 2021. But it will eventually be for a small time period, so investors need to put their money now.


Tezos has bagged the title for being one amongst the best 20 cryptocurrencies in the world. It is a stupendous standing, but by the end of 2021, Tezos will move up in the list as the predictions for it is quite appealing. It started back in 2017 with a slow but steady pace. It did experience a downfall in 2019 and start of 2020. But, in the second quarter of 2020, Tezos started picking up a profitable rate.

As Tezos is marked as one amongst the best bitcoin alternative, people have started investing in it right after seeing a progressive growth in it. Holding onto it would eventually bring out profitable returns in 2021.


Zcash was launched in 2016 and is based upon the codes of Bitcoin but is way too different than it. Zcash was launched to make the payment or transactions more private. Unlike Bitcoin, Zcash does not allow you to check on every past transaction that you made. It is a plus point as it will act as a shield for the payments to prevent tampering of the user’s privacy data.

Zcash is presently at the 31st position in the list of all best cryptocurrencies in the world. As per the experts, the price of Zcash is predicted to rise higher in the year 2021. The current price is $68.37 and is expected to grow in the month of April, May or June of 2021, as said by the experts.


As the experts predicted the boom of cryptocurrency in the year 2021, they also mentioned that Cardano is soon going to be one of the top cryptocurrencies of the world. As per the market scenario and the current adaptation of Cardano, the value of it might exceed beyond $1.5 before the completion of 2021.

Cardano embedded with Hydra, a scalability solution, makes the network more powerful for handling over 1 million transactions in each second. As the scope of development is high in Cardano with an expectancy of value hike, it will possibly win over the year 2021 as one of the best cryptocurrencies in the world.

These are the 7 top alternatives to Bitcoin that are highly recommended for the new and existing business investors. Check them all out before you finalize on your decision.