High-quality coffee becomes a must-have home office perk


The survey across six European markets – Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK, showed up that a majority of all respondents always or often drink coffee during a typical working day.

A coffee zone is being adopted or developed by more and more companies. So staff can have convenient access to coffee during the day. It can also give them the extra boost they need!

You are not adding a profit of getting a coffee machine, but offering workers more advantages that come with it.

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A current industry study found that in one’s decision to discover their next task, 48 percent of the employees would enjoy the perks and benefits of companies, such as the availability of meals & drinks. This is also valid while dealing with contract hires, as compensation would more than certainly decide if they return until the job is finished.

But what company benefits really matter to staff? If wages may not always make a difference, what would that mean? The responses might amaze you.

Good Coffee Is an Important & Beneficial Perk

Free drinks may not be the most beneficial option an employer can offer, but having a coffee vending machine contributes to good office culture and a positive work environment. You can find a range of office coffee machines online to suit your space and employee needs. Of course, a coffee machine is not always going to generate or retain workers, and without other initiatives, it will not enhance the contentment of your workers. But it is said, with the employees who do not have a good coffee in the office, it is hard to imagine a great working environment.

The reality that it is indeed a simple act to treat your staff members to a good cup of coffee does not imply it is not a vital one, as it makes us feel loved and respected for and enhances the amount of job satisfaction.

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Caffeine helps to improve Productivity

Drinking coffee will help workers keep centered and concentrate efficiently. This can also assist with the sensation of dropping back at noon and give everyone a push. Curious how this can be achieved with coffee? There is a chemical called adenosine in the brain that is responsible for making a human feel tired.

As adenosine levels up in the brain, the sleepy sensation occurs. As caffeine is a diuretic, this effect is blocked by coffee and makes people feel alert. It  will help workers stay up as it improves the function of their mind and creates an endorphin rush.

It  does not really necessarily wake people up, of course, so it can prevent the sensation of dizziness.

Helps save precious working hours

Do the workers take a long break to have a short cup of coffee at the nearby café during the day? A study reveals that 68 percent of individuals consume coffee during the workday.

When workers leave to have a cup of coffee, a company may miss precious work hours. Staff can bring coffee with them from home, of course, but what comes when this is gone?

Around 43 percent of individuals said that coffee is their favourite drink because it supports them at work. They will either quit the workplace to get more or experience the midday decline if there is no place from which they can fill up. Giving coffee gives workers an opportunity whilst in the workplace to stay and have another fix.

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Changing attitudes and practises about coffee drinks

In 2017, the intake of drip coffee decreased to just half of all coffee drinkers for the first time since the National Coffee Association (USA) began gathering data on coffee 68 years ago.

Around the same time, since 2008, the daily intake of espresso related beverages has almost tripled. Their survey found that 59 percent of coffee cups consumed everyday are marked dessert.


Employees today have become used to being accommodated to, and high-end incentives for workers to the most in-demand skill sets are progressively anticipated. And while it may sound impossible to keep up with the Joneses, there are easier approaches to build an atmosphere that would be enjoyed by even the most bitter workers-those that do not require higher wages.


Bear in mind that when assessing a position, 56 percent of employers believe employee perks and employee benefits are very significant. Having invested in the best opportunities for workers will help you build the atmosphere that your organisation wants to thrive and will help the bottom line along the way.