6 superb business travel tips for Bristol flyers

business travel

Business travel is essential if you’re looking to expand your business and create a strong global network, but it’s not without its challenges.

And Bristolian corporate travellers face the same frustrating problems as flyers from across the UK, although being based in one of Britain’s most beautiful cities is some compensation.

So for those of you heading from Bristol on business, here are six superb tips to help you overcome any obstacles.

Shop in advance

Bristol airport has an online shopping service that allows you to browse duty free items online and collect them when you get to the airport. It’s perfect for business travellers because it means you can shop from the comfort of your sofa, then use your time at the airport to do some business prep or relax before your flight.

Protect your shirts

One of the biggest challenges of business travel is keeping your shirts and other business items in pristine condition, but it can be done. First, you need to get some plastic laundry bags as these reduce the friction that causes creases. As well as this, you should place a belt inside your shirt collars to keep them in shape.

Get a business credit card

When you’re travelling with a business credit card, you’ll be able to enjoy perks aplenty. For starters, you can usually earn travel points which can be used to get free or discounted future flights. Other benefits can include airport lounge access and travel insurance. For more information, read this business credit card article on MoneySupermarket.com.


Issues such as flight delays, missing your connection and lost luggage are exacerbated when you’re travelling for business rather than pleasure. While there’s not much you can do to prevent these events from happening, it’s worth tweeting the airline, as they usually have customer service reps monitoring the page who can provide a prompt response to help get you back on track.

Don’t eat out too much

When you’re busy rushing around from meeting to meeting, it’s easy to fall into the habit of eating out, which can be bad for your health and your bank account. A better idea is to choose accommodation like an apartment, which has a fridge where you can store healthy food– you’ll find this type of quality accommodation on Hotel Lettings.

Drive to the airport

If you want your business trip to get off to a flying start, you should avoid crowded and uncomfortable public transport and drive to the airport. You’ll be more comfortable in your own ride and be able to keep your business tech safe and secure in the boot of your car – for great deals, book Bristol Airport parking on SkyParkSecure.com.

Thanks to these tips, you can look forward to productive and plain sailing business trips from here on in. 

What are your top tips for business travel? Share them in the comments section.